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Killian Rod - A career in marketing

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In this series of the EHL Next Steps podcast, we hope to inspire and inform you about the many different master’s degrees and career options you could choose to pursue after you finish your bachelor’s degree at EHL.



Killian Rod

Brand Manager at Nestlé


Here’s a taster of the latest episode with Killian Rod. After graduating from EHL in 2018, Killian worked in marketing for the LVMH Group before joining Nestlé as a Brand Manager, his current role. Alongside his job, he recently studied for an Executive Master’s in Marketing and Sales at SDA Bocconi in Milan and Rome, and ESADE in Madrid and Barcelona.


    Joining a dynamic industry

    Killian Rod had always been attracted to the world of advertising, and when he started his bachelor’s degree at EHL and took his first classes in marketing, he quickly realized that’s where his interests lay. Later, an administrative internship in a marketing position at the headquarters of L’Oreal in Paris confirmed to him that this was the path he wanted to follow. “It was very, very dynamic. As an intern, I was able to work on such amazing projects. My managers were also super inspiring. I think that's also what made me decide on marketing at that point.”

    Can you explain what a Brand Manager is?

    I’m in charge of developing and implementing strategies to enhance the brand's visibility, reputation, and market presence. I also take care of product development and innovation pipeline, meaning I start from the consumer insights, trends in the market, and then develop the product, the packaging, until you actually see it on shelf in your supermarket store. We do work with all the different departments within the company, but it’s a marketing role.

    Why did you choose to do a master's when you had already worked in the field for several years?

    To deepen my knowledge and refine my skills in marketing. I think after graduating, I thought, okay, enough with the studies, I need to work a little bit, understand if this is really what I want to do and get some experience. Now, an executive master program offered me really a unique opportunity to continue my education while gaining practical insights that could immediately be applied to my professional role. I didn't want to quit my job to go back to my studies, so the program really was the perfect combination. 

    So an executive master’s is aimed at people who want to study while working?

    Exactly. It's designed for working professionals seeking to advance their career without interrupting their current role or employment. It usually offers a flexible schedule, and more practical industry-focused classes. I think I was the youngest in my class. I learned so much from my colleagues on the course. They had such diverse backgrounds. 

    How was the course structured across the four different campuses?

    Each module lasted for two months. We would start it at a campus, having a full week of classes, from Monday to Saturday, 8:30 until 7:30 in the evening, so quite long days. We would start two to three different classes, and then work on them from home. Every two months, we had to go back to university for a face-to-face session, each time on a different campus. We would do Milan, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid. The idea is to see the different campus and get extra experience from the different cities and teachers.

    Did the master’s meet your expectations?

    Definitely. First of all, it opened my eyes to so many things I was still curious about or questions I was seeking to answer. It also pushed me to be a bit more hands-on with my career. It taught me that you're basically in the driver's seat and it's up to you. Marketing is such fascinating field because it keeps changing all the time. I'm happy I had this master's now to get up to date with the latest trends. 

    What advice would you give your younger self if you could?

    I was a bit frustrated when I finished EHL because so many of my friends went for a master's, and I wasn't so sure. Also, the financial aspect of it played a big role because, let's face it, it's not cheap. I knew I needed to save a bit and work in order to afford it. But in the end, looking backwards now, I'm so happy I did it today. So I would just tell myself to be a bit patient and that things come when they're supposed to come. Go work, get the experience you want, and then it's going to happen. I think I got much more out of it right now than I would have a few years ago or right after my bachelor.

    What’s your biggest wish for your career now?

    I wouldn't say that I have a particular role or location as a wish, but it's more to be in a team where I feel challenged, where I learn continuously, and where I feel valued and where what I say or do matters.

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