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Alexandra Marinova - Passion for human resources

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Welcome to a brand new season of the EHL Alumni Network podcast. I'm your host, Caroline. In this exciting series, we'll dive deep into the journeys of EHL Alumni who embarked on a Bachelor's adventure at EHL and then pursued Master's degrees across the globe. In the weeks to come we’ll talk to EHL graduates who went on to study in New York, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and elsewhere, leading to careers in sectors including luxury, real estate, tourism, human resources and much more.



Alexandra Marinova

Human Resources Graduate at Nestlé


In this interview, EHL alumna Alexandra Marinova shares insights into her career journey and her passion for human resources. After graduating from EHL in 2019, Marinova pursued a Master's in Talent, Development and Human Resources at IE University in Madrid. She currently works at Nestlé in Vevey, Switzerland, as part of the company's graduate scheme.

Marinova credits EHL for nurturing her interest in human resources, particularly through its emphasis on group work, diversity, and cross-cultural understanding. She highlights the importance of human resources in today's dynamic work environment, emphasizing the need to attract, develop, and retain top talent.


    Marinova's journey from EHL to Nestlé demonstrates the versatility of an EHL education and the potential for impactful careers in human resources. Her insights underscore the importance of human-centric leadership and the growing demand for skilled professionals in this field.

    Gaining International Exposure and Perspectives

    Studying abroad provides valuable opportunities to immerse oneself in different cultures and perspectives, broadening one's understanding of the world and enhancing one's ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. This international exposure is particularly beneficial in the field of human resources, where cross-cultural communication and empathy are essential skills.

    Value of Internships in Clarifying Career Goals

    Internships offer hands-on experience in the professional world, allowing individuals to explore different career paths and gain a deeper understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities involved in various roles. This practical exposure can help individuals refine their career goals and make informed decisions about their future trajectory.

    Critical Role of Human Resources in Managing and Motivating Employees

    Human resources plays a crucial role in today's workplace, responsible for attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. In a dynamic and competitive business environment, effective human resources strategies are essential for organizational success and employee satisfaction.

    Benefits of a Strong Foundation in Group Work, Diversity, and Cross-Cultural Understanding

    EHL's emphasis on group work, diversity, and cross-cultural understanding equips its graduates with the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in human resources. These foundational elements foster collaboration, adaptability, and an appreciation for different viewpoints, all of which are critical for success in managing and motivating a diverse workforce.

    Importance of Continuous Learning and Development in Human Resources

    The field of human resources is constantly evolving, with new trends, technologies, and regulations emerging regularly. To stay ahead of the curve, human resources professionals must embrace continuous learning and development, actively seeking out opportunities to update their knowledge and skills. Alexandra Marinova's career journey highlights the importance of lifelong learning in this dynamic and ever-changing field.

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