Culinary Arts

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Culinary Arts
what is a ghost kitchen

What is a Ghost Kitchen? The future of fast food

2020 was a heartbreaking and terrifying period for hoteliers and restauranteurs around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic brought...

How to Master Restaurant Management?

Learn how to successfully live from your passion for food

Photography of the EHL's students with lava cakes

EHL's chocolate 'moelleux' lava cake recipe

In celebration of World Chocolate day, the EHL Preparatory Year students impress us with more lactose-free and gluten-free...

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Food & Beverage
Is wine a work of art

Is wine a work of art and is the winemaker an artist?

Is wine a work of art and if so, does this mean the winemaker is an artist? At first glance, this question might seem...

Q : What is Bistronomy?

Bistronomy is an exciting path to consider if you are interested in becoming a chef, owning or managing a restaurant, or providing excellent customer service in one.


Q : Alternative careers in F&B: what does a Research Chef do?

A research chef (also often referred to as a culinary scientist or an R&D chef) is someone who’s responsible for guiding recipe and food product development by testing and (re)formulating products, recipes and innovations.

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