Culinary Arts

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Culinary Arts
Vegan Philosophy

Vegan philosophy: To be or not to be plant-based?

Amid the cacophony from the social networks and other media, the word VEGAN is becoming more and more talked about. Whether...

How to Master Restaurant Management?

Learn how to successfully live from your passion for food

Consumer Trends
What is Bubble tea?

Drink trends 2022: What exactly is Bubble Tea & why is it so successful?

Have you ever walked past a bubble tea shop and noticed hordes of young people queuing up outside – even in a pandemic – and...
Food & Beverage
drink trends 2022

Top 7 drink trends in 2022

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Wine and Hospitality
the physics of fizz

Cheers! How the physics of fizz contributes to human happiness?

Think of the last time you had something to celebrate. If you toasted the happy occasion, your drink was probably alcoholic –...

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