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Culinary Arts
food waste

8 life-changing tips on how to manage food waste at home

Calling all eco-warriors! It’s not because you’re a student and living on a budget that you can’t do your part for the...

What can I do with a Culinary Arts degree?

Overview of the Culinary Arts industry, the trends that drive it and the professional opportunities.

Take Your Guests on a Culinary Journey: 5 Course Meal Inspiration from the Chefs of EHL

Delicious 5 Course meal inspiration from EHL's top chef

At EHL, we come together to enjoy the rich opportunities to explore the hospitality industry with students and professors from...

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Food entrepreneurship is the new buzzword in the food industry, but what is the real definition of a food entrepreneur? 

Food entrepreneur: How to Master Restaurant Management?

If opening a restaurant is an ambitious challenge, this article aims to explain you why and how some have been successful in...
Food & Beverage
drink trends 2021

Top 6 drink trends in 2021

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