Culinary Arts

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Culinary Arts
Cocktail trends

Cocktail Trends: what tipple will you be cheersing in 2023?

Cocktails are a great marker of the times we live in and fascinating trends to follow for those mixologists serving on the...

Q : What are the main types of beer?

Beer ultimately consists of a few basic styles. Learn about common styles of beer to increase your comfort and familiarity with one of the world's oldest drinks.

What can I do with a Culinary Arts degree?

Overview of the Culinary Arts industry, the trends that drive it and the professional opportunities.

Food & Beverage
drink trends 2023

Drink trends in 2023: 8 beverages you've got to try this year

After years marred by a global health crisis, 2022 was the year we reconnected. With in-person social gatherings involving...

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Hôtel de Ville Crissier

Chef Franck Giovannini on the constant changes in the restaurant industry

EHL Hospitality Business School is a leading hospitality university with locations in Switzerland and Singapore. EHL’s...

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