Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality Industry
air travel coronavirus

Flying Post-Covid-19 Air Travel: What You Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the globe, including how we travel. Be prepared for the new normal when it comes to airline...
Service Culture
In the hospitality industry, service design can help businesses grow

The benefits of service design

EHL Advisory Services

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A safety & hygiene protocol developped by EHL Advisory Services

EHL Advisory Services create a Safety and Hygiene label for hotels

EHL Advisory Services, EHL Group’s consultancy firm, has developed a ready-to-implement package of procedures and training to...
Business Strategy
Hotels and retail companies are finally realizing that they have a lot in common. It’s time for hotels to harness that  potential.

Retail and Hospitality convergence

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Service Culture
Service design: the map to move your hospitality industry business forward

What is service design? Service design defined by hospitality leaders

Over the past few decades, service-related businesses have seen incredible growth. They now comprise about 80 percent of the...

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