Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality Industry
flexible working practices

The benefits of flexible working practices in the hotel sector

Dr Sowon Kim answers questions based on a 2022 industry report that looks at the positive impact of flexible working practices...
Organizational Behavior & HR
career insights

10 career insights after studying hospitality management

EHL Advisory Services

Are you an owner, investor, entrepreneur or company seeking professional advice on strategic decisions or operational challenges?

Leadership mindset

The right leadership mindset and competencies from EHL Graduate School

Interview with Dr Achim Schmitt, Full Professor and Associate Dean of EHL Graduate School. Here he explains the human-centric...

Q : What is Hospitality Management?

Hospitality management is a broad field that involves overseeing the day-to-day administrative, operational and commercial activities of businesses in the hospitality industry.

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Wine and Hospitality
Swiss Wine Singapore

Do Swiss wines suit Singaporean palates?

A positive evaluation of Swiss wines in Singapore by cosmopolitan participants suggests that Swiss wines could indeed be a big...
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EHL Bachelor Students

FAQs from prospective EHL Bachelor students

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