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Business Management

3 tips for running a successful family business

Managing a family business can be difficult. Around 70% of family-owned businesses fail or are sold before the second...
Organizational Behavior & HR
digital recruitment

Recruitment in the digital age: how to be agile?


Q : What is Revenue Management?

Revenue management is a vital component of hospital management and one that can help hotels to become more profitable while providing their customers with the service and amenities they need. 

What is Service Excellence and why is it such a big deal?

THE Service Excellence Guide: from Service Design to Service Recovery

Women in Leadership
Women in STEM

Women in STEM: How to empower women to reach the stars?

The EHL Women in Leadership (WIL) Virtual Expert Series had the privilege to welcome Deborah Müller, a young professional space...
Organizational Behavior & HR
 how to make better hiring decisions

HR Analytics: how to make better hiring decisions

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Digital & Technology
people-centric leadership

Industry 4.0: why people-centric leadership is key

We should be putting the interpersonal and human component at the center of our activities as we continue to transition into...

Q : What is People Analytics?

People analytics uses technology to determine insights about potential employees by collecting and analyzing data about each candidate.

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