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Student Resources
Connect With Hospitality Employers at EHL Career Fairs

Connect with employers at EHL Career Fairs

Career fairs provide a valuable opportunity for job-seekers to connect with companies and find a position. These fairs can be...

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We believe that excellence is formed in the perfect blend of intelligence and emotions, hard skills and soft skills, theory and practice.

Student Life
workouts for students

Workout ideas for busy students

Being at university can oftentimes mean sitting almost all day long. And even more now, when we avoid going out and in crowded...

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EHL Passugg
Corporate Social Responsibility: Recycling intiative on EHL's Passugg campus

Corporate Social Responsibility: Recycling for a good cause

Standing up together for something good is what the EHL SSTH is on a mission to do. With the latest CSR campaign, collection...
EHL Singapore
The Dos and Don'ts in Singapore

The Dos and Don'ts in Singapore

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