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Hospitality Industry
hospitality management education

Emotional intelligence in hospitality management education at EHL SSTH

Competencies such as presence, mindfulness and connectedness, which have so far been cultivated more in spiritual settings, are...
EHL Passugg
8 Reasons why internships rock and can Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

8 Reasons why internships rock

Training & Education
EHL Bachelor Students

FAQs from prospective EHL Bachelor students

Want to study at the best Hospitality University in the world?

Explore the various EHL programs depending on your level, aspirations, career goals and personality.

Student Life
EHL Dress Code

From EHL dress code to dress for: insights to professional appearance

Dressing formally for work is a sign of respect in many cultures and industry sectors. EHL students are immersed from day one...

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EHL Lausanne
How to apply for a college course

How to land a place at EHL: Top tips from admissions officers

Applying for a college course can be an overwhelming and daunting task for candidates. The process is often alien to candidates...

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