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What's it like at EHL?

Top questions I get asked as an EHL ambassador

As a Student Ambassador, applicants, and prospective students often come to me with a series of questions that show the same...
Study Abroad
Why study abroad

Why Study Abroad?

Want to study at the best Hospitality University in the world?

Explore the various EHL programs depending on your level, aspirations, career goals and personality.

Hospitality Skills
How to find your tribe at EHL

How to find your tribe at university for the best student experience

Finding your tribe at university is beneficial for both academic achievement and emotional well-being. It’s a determining...

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EHL Singapore
Best Asian countries to study abroad

Top 10 best Asian Countries to Study Abroad - 2023 Rankings

This article gives prospective students the low-down on where to study abroad in Asia and was first published on...

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