Footsteps in the snow to start your winter semester at EHL

August 03, 2023 •

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Starting my bachelor degree during winter semester

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As a prospective student, you may associate the fall season with the beginning of an academic journey. However, there’s a growing trend that is challenging this convention – starting your studies in the winter semester. Beginning your learning journey at an off-peak season offers unique advantages that can enhance your experience, open doors to exciting opportunities, and provide a fresh perspective on your educational path. In this article, we'll delve into why starting in the winter semester is a great idea.

Welcome back to school ! Top reasons to start studying in February at EHL

1. Smaller class sizes

Traditionally, fewer students enroll in the winter intake, which means smaller class sizes, and a more enriched learning experience. With fewer students, you’ll have more opportunities to contribute, ask questions and engage in discussions. Professors will also be able to dedicate more time to address individual needs, and tailor their teaching methods for your success. Additionally, smaller classes allow for closer collaboration with classmates, encouraging diverse perspectives and the development of interpersonal skills.

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2. Enhanced networking

With a smaller student population, you’ll have the opportunity to foster closer relationships and forge more meaningful connections with both your peers and faculty members. This intimate environment promotes a stronger support network, facilitates increased collaboration on projects and assignments, and creates a conducive atmosphere for building valuable professional connections that can benefit you throughout your academic journey and beyond.

3. Time for extra experience

Embarking on your academic journey in the winter semester grants you a valuable gap-semester to pursue a part-time job or internship at a restaurant, hotel, or service-oriented company. This will help you jump-start your learning with practical experience and equip you with real-world insights, practical skills, and industry exposure. With some real-world industry experience under your belt, not only will your learning be more relevant and meaningful, but you’ll gain a competitive edge on the job market. It's a win-win situation for your personal growth and future career prospects.

4. Improved job prospects

We know the job market can be tough, especially for young graduates. The good news is that graduating in a non-traditional month may make your job search just that little bit easier - as you’ll stand out from the majority of students who complete their studies in the summer months. Being an off-season graduate raises your visibility to employers and increases your chances of landing your dream job.


5. Financial preparation

Having a few extra months to work and save money can help you feel better financially prepared before your program kicks off. That way, you can enter the year with financial confidence, and dedicate your full attention to your studies knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to be prepared. It's a smart move that sets you up for success in your educational journey – and beyond.

6. Broadens horizons

Before diving into your studies, take the opportunity to travel, explore the world and learn new languages. Embrace your wanderlust, gain fresh perspectives, and immerse yourself in different cultures. This adventure will fuel personal growth, boost global awareness, and enrich your overall world view. By starting your educational journey with a global mindset, you'll bring a unique perspective to the classroom, making your learning experience even more dynamic and impactful.

7. Enhanced English proficiency

Choosing a February intake gives you extra months post high school-graduation to concentrate specifically on enhancing your English skills. This approach reduces application stress, fosters your academic success, and better equips you for an increasingly English-dominant global workspace.

“A number of students choose to defer their application to February intake in order to take language courses in the US, Australia, England or Ireland. These extra months allow them to focus on English studies, giving them the opportunity to score a much better result at TOEFL, IELTS or C1 Advanced exams.”

Naomi Depaux-Corny
Senior Admissions Manager


8. A seamless transition

If you're wrapping up high school at the end of the calendar year, the February intake might actually be perfect for you. There’s no need to wait, and you can dive right into your program – after enjoying well-deserved month off of course! It's a seamless transition that ensures you make the most of your time and start your academic adventure on the right foot.

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Did you know that at EHL, the Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management has two intake periods? With start dates in both September and February, we offer flexibility for future students to tailor their timeline according to their individual needs. The admissions criteria and the courses offered are the same for both intakes, so really - the choice is yours!'


What makes EHL’s bachelor program different?'

As the world’s leading Hospitality Business School, EHL boasts award-winning hospitality training facilities, three campuses for a truly international learning experience, a world-class faculty and an alumni network that spans over 150 countries.

But EHL is about much more than that. It’s a world of endless possibilities. Students and parents are often surprised when they first set foot on campus because it’s not a typical university setting; it’s a dynamic business school with hospitality at its core. At EHL, our profound passion for the industry permeates every aspect of our educational approach, and we incorporate cutting-edge teachings with hands-on experiences and real-world simulations to shape ambitious students into future CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders.

And thanks to our reputation for delivering best-in-class training, EHL opens doors for extraordinary career opportunities – both within the hospitality industry, and beyond. Our graduates are actively recruited by companies such as Apple, LVMH, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, and Tesla, and 96% land a job within 6 months of graduating.

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“After high school, I set out to explore South America. I completed a bus road trip from Uruguay, through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador to finally end my journey in Colombia. I learned a lot about different cultures and became more grateful for the life that I live.”
“After graduating from high school in Singapore in December, I had plenty of time to spend with my friends and family and even traveled around Europe before joining the school. It was snowing when I first arrived in Switzerland and coming from Singapore this was a nice change”