fun jobs that pay well for foodies

January 22, 2024 •

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40 fun jobs that pay well for foodies

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Are you considering a career change that would bring more meaning and motivation in your daily life? If food is one of your passions and you're on the lookout for fun jobs that pay well, we have assembled 40 different job ideas that go beyond a traditional restaurant job. Whether your current expertise and interests lie more in culinary, hospitality or entrepreneurship aspects, these career options may open new perspectives for you.


10 motivating jobs for the foodie with hospitality and entrepreneurial traits

1. Farm-to-table restaurant owner

Combining a passion for food with the hospitality of a community-centered space and the business acumen required to run a successful establishment.

2. Culinary tour company founder

Creating immersive food experiences that require entrepreneurial skills to start and hospitality to make guests feel engaged.

3. Food truck entrepreneur

Offering unique culinary delights while managing a mobile business that requires a hospitable touch for customer interaction.

4. Gourmet food shop proprietor

Curating specialty foods with the knowledge of an enthusiast, creating a welcoming shop atmosphere, and managing the business aspects.

5. Food event planning CEO

Planning and executing culinary events that thrill foodies, require hospitality excellence, and demand business savvy.

6. Sustainable kitchen consultant

Advising restaurants on sustainable practices with culinary knowledge, a hospitality mindset for client relations, and entrepreneurship for business operations.

7. Chef-instructor with a culinary business

Teaching culinary skills while also managing a business and providing a welcoming learning environment.

8. Craft brewery/winery owner

Merging a love for fine beverages with the ability to create a hospitable tasting room experience and managing the business side.

9. Nutrition-based meal prep business owner

Developing a service based on healthy eating, ensuring customer satisfaction through excellent service, and handling the entrepreneurial aspects.

10. Cooking App developer

Creating an application that delivers a foodie experience, requires a user-friendly interface, and entails running a digital business.

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10 career options for the hospitality professional with foodie and entrepreneurial traits:

1. Boutique hotel owner with a signature restaurant

Integrating a personalized guest experience with fine dining options and the management of business operations.

2. Travel agency director specializing in culinary travel

Offering travel experiences with a focus on food, requiring a hospitable approach to client relations, and entrepreneurial skills for business management.

3. Event venue owner with catering services

Managing a space for events that offers excellent hospitality and food, while overseeing the business's growth and sustainability.

4. Customer service consultant for restaurants

Using hospitality expertise to improve customer service in food settings, with an entrepreneurial approach to contracting business.

5. Luxury bed and breakfast proprietor

Providing a cozy, hospitable environment with high-quality food experiences and managing the overall business.

6. Wellness retreat coordinator with a focus on gourmet healthy cuisine

Offering holistic hospitality experiences complemented by nutritious culinary options, run as a self-sustaining business.

7.  Hospitality technology solutions founder

Developing tech to enhance guest experiences in food and beverage establishments, combining tech-savviness with customer service expertise.

8. Food and beverage director at a high-end resort

Overseeing dining experiences that delight the foodie guests, ensuring exceptional service, and handling the business operations.

9. Hospitality industry blogger with monetized content

Creating content that shares knowledge of both the hospitality and culinary world, running it as an entrepreneurial venture.

10. Corporate retreat planner with a culinary twist

Designing retreats that include team-building culinary activities, delivered with excellent hospitality and organized as a business endeavor.

10 fun jobs for the entrepreneur with foodie and hospitality traits

1. Innovative kitchen gadget inventor

Developing new culinary tools that appeal to food enthusiasts, with a business model that ensures customer satisfaction.

2. Restaurant franchise developer

Expanding a unique dining concept that requires an understanding of good food and great customer service, with a knack for business growth.

3. Food Industry consultant

Offering expertise to improve restaurant profitability, menu appeal, and customer satisfaction.

4. Subscription box service creator for gourmet foods

Curating and selling subscription boxes with a selection of fine foods, delivered with a personalized touch.

5. Hospitality staff training program CEO

Training staff in customer service excellence for the food and beverage industry, managing the program as a business.

6. Culinary equipment supply company owner

Providing high-quality tools for chefs and restaurateurs, ensuring a customer-focused approach to service and an entrepreneurial strategy for sales.

7. Online marketplace founder for local food producers

Building a platform where local food artisans can sell their products, combining a love for good food with a commitment to excellent service and business acumen.

8. Restaurant marketing agency CEO

Running a firm that specializes in promoting food and dining experiences, with a keen understanding of customer expectations and business strategies.

9. Corporate hospitality and dining services director

Managing food services for corporations with attention to culinary excellence and client hospitality, leveraging business skills to ensure profitability.

10. Mobile payment solutions developer for eateries

Creating tech solutions that cater to food lovers and restaurant owners, with a focus on improving the dining experience and managing a tech business.


10 exciting jobs combining love for food, talent for hospitality, and entrepreneurial spirit.

1. Culinary incubator founder

Creating a space for up-and-coming chefs to experiment and develop their businesses, providing hospitality guidance and entrepreneurial mentorship.

2. Restaurant concept developer

Designing unique dining experiences that cater to food lovers, ensuring customer satisfaction through a welcoming atmosphere and a solid business plan.

3. Food festival director

Organizing events that showcase culinary talents, offering hospitality services, and running the festival as a profitable venture.

4. Sustainable agritourism resort owner

Running a farm-based retreat that offers farm-to-table dining experiences, warm hospitality, and a business model focusing on sustainability.

5. Gastronomy experience curator

Crafting unique culinary tours or experiences that combine a passion for food, the art of hospitality, and the creation of a business that tailors to niche markets.

6. Community kitchen operator

Establishing a space where local food entrepreneurs can cook, share, and sell their cuisine, supported by hospitality-driven events and workshops.

7. Travel agency with culinary focus

Tailoring travel experiences with culinary adventures at their heart, offering exceptional customer service and a business savvy approach to niche travel.

8. Gourmet food Import/export specialist

Running a business that imports and exports fine foods, requiring knowledge about various cuisines, a focus on customer relationships, and entrepreneurial logistics planning.

9. Boutique food brand developer

Starting a brand that specializes in niche food products, with an emphasis on the consumer experience.

10. Zero-waste restaurant owner

Establishing an eatery that focuses on sustainability, zero waste, high-quality food, and excellent customer service, all underpinned by a sound business model.

Parting thoughts to be successful in your next fun job in Food & Beverage

One of the recipes for success in these jobs is to get proper training to complement your existing skills. For example, food concept development, people management, culinary techniques, creative skills, finance or marketing, all of which will open your horizons and get you ready for a successful entry into the exciting world of Food & Beverage.

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