There is nothing better than a good blog to inspire a culinary professional or student. Check out these 10-must read sites.

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10 must read blogs for culinary students

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The food industry is much like fashion or entertainment. Trends appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. New recipes become the “gold standard” and hot restaurants pop up and fizzle out. In an environment such as this, it is important to keep ahead of the curve.

Following culinary blogs is a great way to add up-to-the-minute information to what you learn at EHL. We’ve gathered 10 well-respected culinary blogs that will teach you about the food and service industries and give you a peek at what’s happening beyond your local scene.


Simply Recipes

The name “Simply Recipes” says it all. This site is full of recipes and can be a great way to freshen up your collection with a modern touch. Founded in 2003, the site offers you over 14 years of collected recipes that work and little “fluff.” What is a better way to improve your own collection of tried and true recipes than that?


Smitten Kitten

Sometimes, you want more than just the instructions. Smitten Kitten offers great recipes with a touch of storytelling. You’ll find the set-up familiar; nearly every aspiring food blogger today uses the same format. But, there is a reason for it--it works. Smitten Kitten offers recipes both simple and complex, but ones you will want to add to your repertoire.


David Lebovitz

David is a Paris-based food blogger who is known outside the blogosphere as he has published two books. Mr. Lebovitz got his start as a pastry chef, and this love can be seen in his blogging. While there are recipes, the blog is best-known for its culinary tours and David’s way of sharing food knowledge. The blog is a one-of-a-kind look at food with a true expert.


Hungry Healthy Happy

Too few food blogs can strike the balance between health and taste. Hungry Healthy Happy is one of the best. This UK-based blog is full of recipes that will serve your body well, but convince your mind you are enjoying something rich and wonderful. In addition, you can follow the latest in “what’s hot” with healthy dining in the UK and around the world.


Not Without Salt

The food blog Not Without Salt has won a number of blogging and culinary awards. The theme is “food with salt,” but in reality it is a look at one woman’s life and her love affair with food. You may be surprised by the range of information you find within.

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Eat Like a Girl

Foodie, culinary professional and world traveler Niamh brings Eat Like A Girl to life. This is a blog filled to the brim with recipes and ideas all of which have been inspired by her travels. You’ll find recommendations for restaurants as well as tips for cooking it yourself at home.


Hemsley and Hemsley

It is rare that a food blog gains such a big following that it moves outside the blogosphere. However, Hemsley and Hemsley has done this. The authors are now the star of a cooking show and you can find them authoring pieces for well-renowned cooking magazines too. The blog features healthy but homey cooking--food that you’ll want to feed your family.


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Will Travel for Food

Nothing goes together like food and travel. Will Travel for Food is a look at the travels (and desired travels) of a food lover from Montreal. The blog features foods from around the world, and a look at the trips of one well-traveled individual.


Our Tasty Travels

While many travel bloggers have a heavy focus on locations near to their home base, Our Tasty Travels is different. The authors of the blog have visited 69 countries (and counting.) You’ll enjoy touring the world with the blog and it may inspire you to go outside your comfort zone too.


Eat Your World

There is much buzz in the culinary world about locally grown food. Eat Your World ;has this trend (that is more than just a trend) as its focus. You’ll learn more about how to source locally and what you might expect to find if you travel and want to do the same.

Just remember, this list is NOT all-inclusive. There are hundreds of worthy culinary blogs out there just waiting to inspire you.

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