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Culinary Arts
how to become a sommelier

How to become a Sommelier: A job full of rewards & challenges

The world of wine no longer only exists for those wealthy enough to house a cellar full of priceless bottles of one of nature's...

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Business Management

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Service Culture
service culture

What is Service Culture?


Q : What is E-Marketing?

E-marketing involves using the internet to promote your product and service. It requires understanding how customers use the web when planning hotel stays and trips they want to take.

Organizational Behavior & HR
Illustration of different hands giving their cv

Recruitment in the digital age: how to be agile?

Hospitality Industry

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Q : What is a distribution strategy?

Distribution strategy involves coming up with an efficient method of disseminating your company’s products or services. The goal is to maximize revenue while maintaining loyal customers. 

Hotel Management
What does a Hotel Manager do?

What does a Hotel Manager do?

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