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Want to study at the best hotel management school in Singapore?

Why study in Singapore according to the Dean of EHL's newest campus

Dr. Luciano Lopez been Assistant Professor of Macro & Microeconomics at EHL Campus Lausanne since 2018. As an economist, his...
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Facilitation aims to help a group improve how they collaborate, identify and solve problems, learn, make decisions, and handle conflict. 

What are Facilitation Skills?

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Culinary Arts

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Q : What is Bistronomy?

Bistronomy is an exciting path to consider if you are interested in becoming a chef, owning or managing a restaurant, or providing excellent customer service in one.


Q : Alternative careers in F&B: what does a Research Chef do?

A research chef (also often referred to as a culinary scientist or an R&D chef) is someone who’s responsible for guiding recipe and food product development by testing and (re)formulating products, recipes and innovations.

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What does a Larder Chef do?

What does a Larder Chef do?


Q : Alternative careers in F&B: what does a Chef Consultant do?

A chef consultant is a highly experienced culinary expert who is able to advise and leverage their foodservice expertise to observe, analyze and provide a range of solutions to restaurants and foodservice businesses.

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