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Guillaume Foussier - Unveiling entrepreneurial success

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Welcome to a brand new season of the EHL Alumni Network podcast. I'm your host, Caroline. In this exciting series, we'll dive deep into the journeys of EHL Alumni who embarked on a Bachelor's adventure at EHL and then pursued Master's degrees across the globe. In the weeks to come we’ll talk to EHL graduates who went on to study in New York, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and elsewhere, leading to careers in sectors including luxury, real estate, tourism, human resources and much more.



Will Guillaume Foussier

Co-Founder & CEO at AceUp


Guillaume Foussier's journey from EHL to Harvard and then to his own company, ACEUP, is an inspiring story of how entrepreneurship and higher education can work together to create positive change. Foussier's experience demonstrates the power of education to ignite passion, develop skills, and provide the foundation for success in the world of business.


    EHL: The Spark of Entrepreneurship

    • Igniting Passion: Foussier's passion for finance was sparked by a professor at EHL, who inspired him to explore the world of business and finance.
    • Foundational Knowledge: EHL provided Foussier with a strong foundation in business principles, financial management, and marketing strategies, essential tools for navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.
    • Developing a Business Mindset: EHL encouraged Foussier to think creatively, take risks, and solve problems, cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset he would need to succeed.


    Harvard: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Talent

    • Deepening Knowledge: Harvard's master's program provided Foussier with a deeper understanding of business principles, honing his problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
    • Expanding Networks: Harvard connected Foussier with mentors, investors, and industry experts, providing access to valuable networks and guidance.
    • Sharpening Entrepreneurial Focus: Harvard's emphasis on innovation and social impact helped Foussier refine his entrepreneurial focus and align his goals with making a positive difference.


    The Clinton Foundation: Social Impact Inspiration

    • Social Impact Awakening: Foussier's experience at the Clinton Foundation exposed him to the power of education and coaching as tools for social empowerment.
    • Aligning Passion and Purpose: The Clinton Foundation's focus on social impact inspired Foussier to leverage his entrepreneurial skills to create a positive impact on society.
    • Birth of ACEUP: Foussier's decision to launch ACEUP, a company that provides human-centered leadership coaching for individuals and teams, stems directly from his experience at the Clinton Foundation.


    ACEUP: Entrepreneurial Success

    • Transforming Ideas into Reality: ACEUP represents the culmination of Foussier's entrepreneurial journey, where he has turned his ideas into a successful business.
    • Making a Meaningful Difference: ACEUP's focus on human-centered leadership coaching aligns with Foussier's desire to make a positive impact on society.
    • An Inspiration to Future Entrepreneurs: Foussier's success serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that the path to success is paved with education, experience, and a passion for making a difference.


    The Confluence of Education and Entrepreneurship

    Foussier's story highlights the transformative power of entrepreneurship education, demonstrating how HEIs can empower students to turn their ideas into reality and make a meaningful difference in the world. His entrepreneurial success serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that the path to success is paved with education, experience, and a passion for making a difference.

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