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Valentine Lunel - A route into the luxury industry

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Welcome to a brand new season of the EHL Alumni Network podcast. I'm your host, Caroline. In this exciting series, we'll dive deep into the journeys of EHL Alumni who embarked on a Bachelor's adventure at EHL and then pursued Master's degrees across the globe. In the weeks to come we’ll talk to EHL graduates who went on to study in New York, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and elsewhere, leading to careers in sectors including luxury, real estate, tourism, human resources and much more.



Valentine Lunel

Digital Product Passport Manager, LVMH


In a recent podcast, rising professional Valentine Lunel shares her educational journey and career path, providing valuable insights for listeners. This blog delves into key topics covered, offering a glimpse into Valentine's experiences and insights that make the full podcast a must-listen.


    Educational Journey: EHL to ESSEC

    Valentine details her educational choices, explaining the paths available in France and her decision to pursue a master's at ESSEC. She emphasizes how EHL broadened her perspective, guiding her towards the luxury sector.

    Passion Discovery: Hotel Director to Luxury Enthusiast

    Valentine's initial dream of becoming a hotel director evolves as she discovers a passion for luxury, especially in wines and spirits. ESSEC, notably the LVMH Chair, plays a pivotal role in solidifying her interest in the luxury industry.

    Career Evolution: LVMH Graduate Scheme and Role Navigation

    Valentine provides insights into the recruitment process for the LVMH spring graduate program, detailing its structure and her rotations through different maisons. She reflects on how the program altered her perceptions of career paths, emphasizing the significance of innovation.

    Industry Realities and Career Crafting: Alumni Networks and Future Ambitions

    Valentine reflects on her experiences in the luxury industry, highlighting challenges and the importance of knowing various roles. She stresses the significance of alumni networks and offers advice for students, concluding with her ambitious goal of becoming the CEO of an LVMH champagne brand.


    Valentine Lunel's journey from EHL to ESSEC and her experiences in the luxury industry offer valuable insights for aspiring professionals. The podcast, rich with anecdotes and wisdom, is a treasure trove for anyone considering a career in luxury. Tune in to hear firsthand how passion, adaptability, and networking shape a successful career in this dynamic sector. Read the full blog.

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