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Marie Espié - Journey into the world of entrepreneurship

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Welcome to a brand new season of the EHL Alumni Network podcast. I'm your host, Caroline. In this exciting series, we'll dive deep into the journeys of EHL Alumni who embarked on a Bachelor's adventure at EHL and then pursued Master's degrees across the globe. In the weeks to come we’ll talk to EHL graduates who went on to study in New York, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and elsewhere, leading to careers in sectors including luxury, real estate, tourism, human resources and much more.



Marie Espié

Project Manager Officer, Manawa


Marie Espie, a dynamic professional, unfolds her journey from EHL to a master's program in entrepreneurship and innovation. In this condensed version, we explore key themes from her podcast, shedding light on her educational choices, career evolution, and valuable advice for EHL students.


    Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation: A Holistic Approach

    Marie describes her master's program, a joint venture between Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris, focusing on immersing students in the entrepreneurial and startup world. The program equips participants with both soft and hard skills essential for launching successful projects.

    Passion for Entrepreneurship: From Hospitality to Tech

    Marie shares her attraction to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, emphasizing the constant learning and versatility it offers. Her shift from initially aspiring to work in prominent hotel chains to embracing entrepreneurship developed during her time at EHL, where she discovered the exciting intersection of hospitality and entrepreneurship.

    From Deep Tech to Tourism Startup: Career Transitions and Learning New Skills

    Marie reflects on her unexpected journey from EHL to the master's program, highlighting the challenges and opportunities she encountered. She delves into her choice of a "deep tech" option during the master's, learning coding and expanding her skills. Her experiences, including an aeronautics project at UC Berkeley, set the stage for her current role at Manawa, a tourism startup.

    Alumni Networks and Career Tips: Harnessing Support and Embracing Challenges

    Marie underscores the significance of alumni networks from both EHL and her master's program, emphasizing the invaluable support and shared experiences. She offers advice to EHL students, encouraging them to embrace challenges, meet great people, and embody the "learn to dare" motto.


    Marie Espie's podcast provides a captivating narrative of her journey, showcasing the seamless blend of hospitality, entrepreneurship, and technology. The full podcast promises a deeper understanding of her experiences and serves as a source of inspiration for those considering a similar path. Tune in to gain insights into the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and the exciting intersection with other industries. Read the full article.

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