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Introweek at EHL

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Find out about the first week at EHL. How is the reception of new students? What do they do during the Introweek?

Watch the videos of our last Introweeks to slip into the shoes of our students as they start their exciting journey at EHL.

Introweek September 2019

IntroWeek 2019_FB_V3 (1)

In September 2019, EHL welcomed 562 new students with 76 nationalities.

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Introweek February 2019



In February 2019, EHL welcomed 371 new students with 58 nationalities.

Introweek September 2018



In September 2018, EHL welcomed 577 new students with 68 nationalities.>

Introweek February 2018



In February 2018, EHL welcomed 391 new students with 59 nationalities.

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