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8 delicious and original cake recipes by EHL chefs

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Salty or sweet, there is a cake for every taste and for every occasion. We have asked some of the top chefs here at EHL to come up with a variety of recipes for original and delicious cakes. Not only do we look at a selection of unique creations, but we also explore different options for those who need to avoid certain ingredients such as animal-based products or gluten. Every aspiring baker should find something to suit their level of ambition and taste within these 8 options.  

Financier Cretois cakes

This recipe brings together the varied tastes of grated cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts to create the perfect complement for any meal. The recipe was developed by top chefs, Fabien Pairon and Julien Gradoz, who have brought these different ingredients together to create their very unique Financier Cretois cakes. The pine nuts are carefully roasted and help all of the flavors in this creation to blend perfectly. Learn more about this recipe, its creators here.


Savoury Gruyere cake

For cheese fans, this light and savoury cake is based on the strong taste of gruyere, as well as walnuts, black olives and sundried tomatoes. Excellent for as a picnic food or a substantial snack. The recipe for this Savory Grugere cake was also developed by Julien Gradoz and Fabien Pairon. It takes just under an hour to prepare. Learn more about this recipe and the steps to follow here.


Chocolate fondant

'Chocolate fondant’ is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. The exquisite, creamy chocolate taste and the delightful light finish is the perfect ending to an excellent meal. Julien Gradoz and Fabien Pairon have worked to carefully design a recipe that is straightforward to follow while still producing an outstanding chocolate creation. This recipe needs eggs, sugar, chocolate, butter and flour, as well as the right mould to give the dish its precise form. The batter at the end only needs to be poached, so it will not need to bake for too long.

Learn more about this chocolate fondant and the chefs behind it here.


Lemon cake

Zesty by the mouthful, while still being a sweet and delicious cake, this is another  Julien Gradoz and Fabien Pairon creation. The recipe requires double cream, flour, sugar, eggs and butter for the delicious cake base, while lemon zest and lemon juice add the unmistakable citrus flavor. By soaking the cake in the lemon juice after baking, the final result is sure to be moist and full of lemon flavor with each bite. 

To learn more about the recipe and its chefs here.

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Savoury salmon, lemon and dill cake

This original idea courtesy of Julien Gradoz and Fabien Pairon brings together the rich, savory flavor of salmon along with tasty pumpkin or sunflower seeds, cheese and dill that will leave everyone craving more. The finished cake is easy to slice and will fit perfectly with a variety of meal types. Cooking time is twenty minutes once the mixture is fully prepared. The correct mould will ensure that the cake comes out perfectly shaped and ready to enjoy.

Learn more about this salmon and dill cake and the chefs who created it here.


Vegan chocolate tart recipe

This chocolate tart offers the perfect finish to any meal, and the animal-free recipe will also make it a hit with people who avoid these types of ingredients. This is a versatile recipe that can be used for any occasion. Even non vegans will find that the rich flavors in this recipe blend together to create a creamy, delightful treat to please all palates. Culinary professionals, Anne Currat and Ehrhard Busch, have developed a crust with muscovado sugar, ground almonds, cocoa powder and coconut milk which ensures that the outer part of the tart has the perfect flavor and crunch. Meanwhile, the coconut milk, soya cream, inverted sugar and cooking chocolate combine to make the wonderful chocolate cream filling.

Learn more about the vegan chocolate tart recipe and its two chefs here.


Berceau des Sens lemon & basil pie

This is a combination of a number of classic dessert recipes. The creator, Chef Cedric Bourassin, has developed a dessert that starts with a vanilla shortbread made of icing sugar, eggs, butter, flour, baking powder and some hazelnut powder for an additional splash of flavor. The next step is a lemon cream made of lemon juice and zest, sugar, butter and eggs. These two parts are then combined to create a lemon pie that is complemented with a basil and lemon sorbet full of originality. Allow time for the pie to set once it's been prepared.

To learn more about this delicious pie and how to prepare it, read more here.


Cinnamon pear tart recipe

This tart not only tastes extraordinary, but it is also free of lactose and gluten, and hence will please everyone at the table. The flavors of the cinnamon and pear blend together beautifully. The crust is made from ground almonds, lactose-free butter, icing sugar, zucchini puree, rice flour, cornflour, potato starch, tapioca starch and cinnamon to create just the right consistency without any gluten. Meanwhile, the pear cream is whipped up from a pear puree, lactose-free cream, sugar, cornstarch and cocoa butter that produces a soft, creamy finish, both light and satisfying.

Learn how to make this delightful recipe and its chefs by reading the recipe page here.


Meet the chefs who developed these creations

At EHL, we work with leading industry professionals to provide our students with a rigorous and unmatched education in the different sectors of the hospitality industry, including Culinary Arts. The recipes found above have been developed by some of our top chefs.

Fabien Pairon

Fabien Pairon earned the title of Best Craftsman of France in 2011 for his reputable skills in the kitchen. Originally from northern Burgundy, he started in the industry aged 15. He began to acquire skills and experience in the field by working in highly reputable restaurants and in various roles within the gastronomic industry in France and abroad. He came to Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne to teach and pass on his culinary knowledge to future generations, with a special commitment to sustainability.

Julien Gradoz

Julien Gradoz received his start as the son of a restaurateur, which helped to inspire him to learn the art. He worked as a pastry chef in a two-star Michelin restaurant before going on to create inspiring food at restaurants including the Louis XV restaurant in Monaco and the Alain Ducasse restaurant in Paris. He has also worked at the Prime Minister’s service at the Hotel de Matignon. He now works as a lecturer, enjoying the opportunities to pass on his pastry expertise to his students at EHL. 

Anne Currat

Anne Currat received her training from some of the best pastry chefs in Switzerland and has traveled the world to share her passion for delectable food. She worked as the head pastry chef of a reputable restaurant in Milan while also owning her own pastry shop in Switzerland, perfectly combining her half Swiss, half Italian heritage.

Ehrhard Busch

Ehrhard Busch started working in a family restaurant, which inspired his passion for the culinary arts. His love of delicious food brought him to Paris, where he joined the ‘L’escarbille’ team of Regis Douysset and then made his way to London where he worked with Joel Robuchon. Over the course of his career he became a vegetarian, which has inspired him to create exquisite vegetarian and vegan menu items at EHL, where he shares his culinary vision with the students.

Cedric Bourassin

Cedric Bourassin is the Head Chef in the Berceau des Sens after a varied and international culinary career. He has worked at a 3-star Michelin restaurant in Japan and France, and has brought his expertise to EHL's Berceau Des Sens. He also serves as a lecturer in the practical arts, teaching students how to better appreciate the finery of high-end cuisine.

At EHL, we know that creating food that impresses and delights is an important part of the hospitality industry. At the school, we bring together some of the most highly trained and reputable chefs to teach students about the culinary arts. They educate our students about the importance of fine cuisine and recipes that will put a smile on people’s faces. These particular cake recipes combine a variety of different taste profiles suitable to a wide palate. If you are interested in learning more about the culinary arts and the hospitality industry, please come to learn more about EHL and why we are one of the world’s leading schools of hospitality.


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