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EHL multi-campus experience: advantages of multi-city study abroad programs

When prospective students are deciding on what programs to pursue, they are often limited to specific universities, depending on whether their preferred institution offers the education and experience that they are looking for. Depending on the program, the student may be forced to choose between schools for financial or personal reasons.

With a multi-campus university, this decision can be much less stressful as prospective students have more flexibility with program choice and campus location. Offering students a multi-campus experience fosters a greater sense of community while embracing and articulating the differences between them.

The EHL campuses complement each other and the multi-campus approach strengthens EHL’s values.

We interviewed our student Vitor Milard Ducret on why he chose the multi-campus experience?

Study for one semester in the Swiss mountains

1. How did you learn about the opportunity to spend a semester in Passugg?

I read an EHL Times newsletter mentioning the new EHL campus in Graubünden and the semester exchange opportunity. I was curious about exchange opportunities very early on. So I got in touch with the Student Affairs regarding this new opportunity to explore my options.

2. Why did you decide to spend your second last semester in Passugg?

I had already sought an exchange experience elsewhere early in my studies to be able to travel and study at the same time. So, when there was an opportunity to do it again, I was fired up.

Coming back from my second internship in Vietnam, I think I was more open than ever to discovering new cultures.

My second last semester seemed to be the perfect time for a change in my EHL habits. This semester includes many group work projects and I liked the idea of working with new people in a new environment. I think this is what the real-life work environment looks like so it is a great chance to gain more experience.

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3. What were the main highlights of your stay in Passugg?

The EHL Campus Passugg isn’t far away from the city of Chur, which has infrastructure for sports, entertainment, and transport links. Passugg is only a 10-minute drive up the mountains from the city center. Once you have reached the campus though, it’s like you’re in another world. You can fully appreciate Mother Nature’s company. The views you get of the surrounding mountains are sensational.

I remember the sunrises while having breakfast. Probably my daily motivation.

The family atmosphere in Passugg was amazing. The campus hosts around 350 students so after a few weeks, everyone is familiar with each other. The Passugg staff and students are so friendly. They were very happy that I had the curiosity to spend a semester on their campus to discover the Graubünden culture.

I remember arriving the first evening, the reception was closed but there were some students outside socializing. Right away, they helped me settle in and have dinner. This very warm unofficial welcome made me think I would experience a lot of similar moments ahead. It turned out my intuition was right.


4. What suggestion would you give to EHL Lausanne students who are thinking of doing an exchange to EHL Campus Passugg?

Be open! While EHL Campus Passugg is also located in Switzerland, Graubünden is very different from the Lausanne campus. So much so, you could easily think you are in a different country.

Make sure you make the most out of this time at the opposite end of Switzerland in an astonishing canton. Hike, ski, try their local specialties and enjoy the amazing sports center in Chur.

Always give the Passugg staff and students a smile, they will always give one back to you.


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