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EHL dress code: The basics

Léo Kleinpeter
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Is my appearance in line with the EHL values today? From selection day to graduation day (and even the end of your professional life), this is the first question you should ask yourself every day. Besides the simple fact of looking good and approachable, what you wear in a professional context shows respect for you and others, as well as “savoir-être”, which is more than appreciated by future employers.

From 7:00 am to 7:00 pm during every working days, students, staff and faculty members walking through the main entrance are supposed to wear a professional attire. So how can you best follow the rules but still express somehow your personality, and feel confident at work? Here are a few tips to tone down the dress code and to represent EHL properly every day.

The 5 rules of EHL Women dress code:

1. Keep your shoulders warm!

First rule, always wear a jacket over your shirt and/or dress, unless the temperature is above 25°C.

2. How high?

Prefer wearing shoes with heels under 8.5 cm and without any fancy decoration. Slippers, sandals and sneakers are not allowed.

3. Summer is coming… After you’re done with school

Please, keep your colorful and bright printed patterns dress for other occasions. Your outfit color has to be whether dark or plain.

4. Skirts

Ladies, skirts and dresses worn 8.5 cm above your knees are not permitted (Tips: use your student card to measure it, it’s precisely 8.5 cm long!)

5. Earrings

They are accepted as long as they are discreet. Other kind of piercings, facial jewelry or visible tattoo are forbidden.

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The 5 rules of EHL Men dress code:

1. Shirts

Shirts with long sleeves should be worn under a jacket at all time. Turtleneck pullovers are permitted to face Chalet-à-Gobet freezing winters. Should the temperature be over 25°C, wearing a jacket is not compulsory anymore.

2. Pants

Ones with a center crease are the only pants to be accepted at school. The color has not to be coordinated with the jacket but needs to be plain.

3. Ties (or bow ties), an essential

No matter the color or the texture, they are required and the collar has to be done. Yes sirs, looking professional in summer is a hard experience to handle, but it’s always self-rewarding at the end!

4. Shoes

Always wear clean and waxed shoes. All kinds of sneakers or open shoes are forbidden. (Tip: Feel free to use the polisher in front of the lockers regularly!)

5. Being bearded or not bearded?

Beards and mustaches are tolerated as long as signs of daily up-keeping are clearly showed. Note that the maximum length is 1 cm.

That’s it! Should you need any further information, check the full dress code!

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