Vitznauerhof values team orientation and problem-solving skills

February 23, 2021 •

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Vitznauerhof values team orientation and problem-solving skills

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Writing a job application for the first time can lead to some uncertainty. It may help to know what hotels and hospitality companies look for when hiring young professionals and graduates from hotel management schools.

This is how your application in the hospitality industry should look like

So what does a compelling application look like and what elements should the cover letter and resume highlight? What do HR specialists and hotel managers look out for in particular?

Vitznauerhof in Passugg

We spoke with Tanja Wüthrich, Vice Director of Hotel Vitznauerhof, Switzerland to find out.

Hospitality jobs require passion for the industry

What skills and qualities do you place particular emphasis on at the Vitznauerhof when hiring new interns and employees?

For new employees and interns, our top priorities are a passion for the hotel business and the intrinsic motivation to inspire guests and offer them an unforgettable experience. When we notice during an interview that this passion and motivation is present in the applicant, the CV becomes secondary.

The first impression is what counts in your CV

To be invited to an interview, you need a convincing CV. What do you think makes a good CV for a young talent?

For us, the first impression is what counts in a resume. That's why it's important to arouse the reader's interest with the resume. A good resume should not be too long, after all, you don't want to overwhelm the employer with too much information - one to two pages at the most.

Be careful not to leave gaps in your resume. It's okay to show everything you've done, even if it's not at first glance related to the open position. This includes major trips, internships, volunteer work or the winter job as a ski instructor. A professional photo is also very important; it's always the first thing I look at. Selfies are rather inappropriate.

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Hospitality Management graduates from EHL Passugg are ready to take over responsibility

What makes interns and graduates from EHL Passugg particularly interesting for employment at the Hotel Vitznauerhof?

After completing their hotel management studies, the graduates of EHL Passugg are motivated and ready to enter the professional world, to lend a hand, to gain experience and to take on responsibility.

They are up to date with the latest knowledge, which brings a breath of fresh air and good new inputs into our business. Since we are a young, dynamic team and very open to innovations and trends, the cooperation usually harmonizes very well.

Soft skills are essential for a career in hospitality

What advice do you give to young talents interested in studying and pursuing a career in the hospitality industry?

If you choose a job in hospitality, you should be interested in people, think in a solution-oriented way and be a team player. There has to be a passion for what you do, because that transfers to the team and the guests - if you feel that, you're on the right track.

When things get tough, accept the challenge and stay calm. Working in the hotel industry can be exhausting and yes, it is not normal working hours - nevertheless, for me it's the most exciting industry there is. No two days are ever the same, you're always meeting new people and building up a large network. Contacts are made that you can fall back on throughout your life.

Get to know the Hotel Vitznauerhof

The Hotel Vitznauerhof, located in central Switzerland at the foot of Mount Rigi and on the shores of Lake Lucerne, has bright and elegant rooms equipped with modern comforts. Guests can enjoy a taste of Switzerland in their 3 restaurants, where Swiss gourmet dishes as well as international dishes are served. Then they can relax at the bar or on the terrace with panoramic views of the lake. Spa and wellness facilities include an outdoor whirlpool, a sauna, a steam bath. A variety of massages and treatments are available as well as fitness facilities.

The Vitznauerhof regularly employs interns and graduates from EHL Passugg.

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Lecturer and International Career Coordinator at EHL Passugg

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