What makes good service? This is a question that companies across the world in the hospitality sector ask themselves on a regular basis. With new technology becoming available that disrupts businesses and redefines good practices, consumers are consistently re-evaluating what they expect from their service providers. This means that education for hospitality personnel must remain ahead of the curve and unfailing in its excellence. EHL Group, with over 125 years of experience, uses its industry expertise to provide the next generation of top hospitality managers.

EHL, shaping the leaders of tomorrow

Based in Switzerland, EHL Group is an institution with a long history; world wars, industrial revolutions, the rise of the internet and pandemics are all disruptive paradigm shifts that EHL has embraced or weathered. With a mission to pioneer education in hospitality management, EHL believes in developing adaptive and high-quality talent that reflects the institution’s customer-centric focus.

With facilities across Switzerland that adhere to high standards of instruction in both the theory and practical application of hospitality skills, EHL provide a variety of education models. Apprenticeships, higher education on an international level, and bachelorship programs are all offered. The graduates of the three-year bachelorship program also leave with a hotel management diploma, a guarantee of high-level training for prospective employers – the consistent quality of education noted, despite the changing times.

The Digitalization of Education is in progess

Education is evolving; digitalization is expanding the definition of what is possible in hospitality learning and EHL recognizes this reality. Online tuition will allow students to understand the basics of their roles online but, since a hospitality worker’s attitude and personality are just as important, practical and on-site evaluations will still remain an important aspect of the service that EHL’s facilities offer. This willingness to adapt to innovation while ensuring that the necessary tenets remain the same, highlights EHL’s resilience and leadership in the hospitality education sector.

Digitalization across all sectors, Hospitality included

Similarly, the hospitality industry itself is also changing, with strategy being governed by data usage, this is something that EHL is also adopting into its curriculum, ensuring its students are prepared for work in the modern sector. Consumers and workers alike are placing pressure on companies to be more aware of the need for greater sustainability; this is a priority that EHL is factoring into its curriculum. Far from being a burden, EHL is providing its graduates with the tools to turn the need for sustainability into a competitive advantage, such as viewing it as a cost-saving exercise. The need to challenge and disrupt existing trends becomes increasingly important when educating future industry leaders and EHL have committed to this necessity.

EHL Holding SA, through working to evaluate industry practices and redefine them where necessary, along with its variety of high-level education opportunities, ensures that its longstanding leadership in hospitality education remains in the midst of a consistently developing sector.

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