Training the hospitality skills and hosts of tomorrow

November 05, 2020 •

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Training the hospitality skills and hosts of tomorrow

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EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (EHL SSTH) in Passugg has been offering a Bachelor's program in International Hospitality Management since 2018. With the focus on new, digital forms of learning and the vision of "Affective Hospitality", the hotel management school is well prepared for the future. Read the article by Marmite Professional here.

During the campus tour at Passugg, something like envy suddenly comes up. Of those who can complete their studies here. Those who initiated their basics of hospitality at this wildly romantic place above Chur and are allowed to live and learn together with their peers from the most diverse countries.

Affective Hospitality teaches how to engage guests emotionally

Dressed in elegant clothes - sneakers are undesirable - students and apprentices move around the area of the former spa hotel and greet visitors in a very friendly way. After all, dealing skillfully with strangers is part of the curriculum. Under the keyword "Affective Hospitality" the prospective hosts also learn how to engage and inspire guests on an emotional level.

"The more everything becomes digital, the more people are looking for emotional experiences," says Michael Hartmann, Managing Director/CEO of the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (EHL SSTH) in Passugg.

Thus, in addition to professional competence, the education at EHL Passugg also focuses on the development of one's own personality and social skills. These are the hospitality skills that a host will need in the future.

The Elysium project restaurant, which offers a multi-sensory culinary experience, is also about emotions. It is run by students and is open to external visitors on certain dates.

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Our vision: The world's leading hospitality education

The school is therefore well prepared for the future. It has big plans. The EHL Group, which includes the EHL Hospitality Business School in Lausanne, EHL Campus (Singapore), EHL SSTH, EHL Advisory Services and the EHL Network of Certified Schools, has the vision of becoming the world's leading education institution in the hospitality industry.

It is already the oldest: it was founded in 1893 by the Swiss Hotel Association and is today supported by a foundation.

The EHL Campus Passugg has been part of the EHL Group since 2013, and since 2018, it has also been possible to obtain a Bachelor's degree here. In the same year, the Bachelor Village consisting of mobile studios was built to accommodate more students. In addition, there are further expansion plans: more space is to be created on the main campus and the accommodation capacity is to be further increased.

Positive: The corona crisis had no effect on the number of students. On the contrary: 15 percent more students started the fall semester.

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Lecturer and International Career Coordinator at EHL Passugg

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