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Top hospitality summer programs for high school students

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In our highly competitive world, high-school students are under increasing pressure to do well at school, pass their exams, get admitted to a good university, and choose a career path. It’s a lot for students, and their parents, to cope with.

Instead of piling on more stress and responsibilities, a well-chosen summer camp can help teens to choose a path, prepare for the next steps, and get into a good university.

Mixing fun with learning, and feeling like a vacation with friends, the following summer pre-college programs are a great way to strengthen your teen’s university application with relevant achievements while building essential skills and knowledge for their future.

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management  See business through customers’ eyes. Enter the job market with a leader’s  perspective.  Discover how we train our students to put customers first.  Discover

EHL Junior Academy Programs

Offered by the world’s top-ranking hospitality business school, EHL’s Junior Academy is designed for teens interested in business and careers related to hospitality, tourism, events, luxury brands and the global service industry. It’s also great for students looking to get a taste of college life and find a passion for future studies and career options. As one parent said:

“My son signed up to the summer academy. It was one of the best things he has done. He embraced it and blossomed - finding a ‘north star’ to direct his career search. The Academy model was perfectly balanced; enough exposure to hospitality – strategic and tactical, from concept to coffee making! Fun and yet the highest standards realized. Teachers were passionate and inspirational – an excellent indication of what is to come with the bachelor program. The engagement is exceptional. As a parent I could not have asked for more – brilliant.”

said Michael Delf, Father of Thomas Delf, United Kingdom.

Here’s an overview of what it’s like to attend the Junior Academy at EHL with real-life examples from previous students, parents and camp photos.

Culinary Arts & Wellness Concepts at EHL Campus Passugg 

This summer camp in Switzerland offers a unique insight into two of hospitality’s lesser-known business sectors: gastronomy and culinary arts, and the spa and wellness sector. It offers activities that provide a fresh perspective on hospitality and tourism, in a fun and interesting way.


"During the summer program at EHL Campus Passugg, I learned that studying hospitality is not as easy as I thought. It’s much more than just learning how to decorate chocolates. The lectures and activities made me want to learn so much more about hospitality. In fact, I am now convinced I want to study hospitality and maybe one day, work in the hospitality industry. "

Jumpei Hori, Japan, EHL Junior Academy – Passugg

Hospitality business and innovation at EHL Campus Lausanne

This summer camp for high school students focuses on the business side of hospitality organizations, builds relevant soft skills, and explores the innovations that are shaping the services industry.

"I chose the summer academy because it was a great opportunity to discover what the EHL university experience would be like. Meeting students from different nationalities really exposed me to the multicultural environment that EHL has. My favorite part of the week was having different types of classes and activities, ranging from hands-on courses and cooking in the kitchen, to discovering new concepts of hospitality in a classroom and field trips."

Celina Satamian, United Arab Emirates, EHL Junior Academy – Lausanne – Hospitality Business & Innovation 2016


International Hospitality & Luxury Brand Management at the EHL Campus in Singapore

This summer course for high school students focuses on the international side of hospitality and tourism, builds relevant academic skills, and immerses students in Singapore’s multinational business hub and sustainable development activities.

Hospitality in a Digital World, 100% Online on EHL’s Digital Campus

If your teen is curious about hospitality careers, and they just want to study from home and relax, then this is a great option. It gives them a taste of the hospitality industry and the courses at EHL while building essential skills for the digital world.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Digital Junior Academy this summer! The teachers were very kind and interesting. It was a diverse and in-depth course, ranging from cooking to getting an introduction to hospitality management, learning about social media, and working with a team to start a hotel concept from scratch. The pastry chef was very friendly and even without any cooking experience, it was very easy to follow his instructions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to discover EHL, hospitality management, and much more. A big thank you to all the team for making my time with EHL so memorable!"

Tom Cornelisse, France, EHL Digital Academy 2021


Why should you join EHL’s Junior Academy?

Do you want to enhance your profile for university AND have a lot of fun over the summer?

EHL’s Junior Academy is just what you need. Get ready to jump feet first into the world of hospitality and experience EHL’s courses, student life, and career resources firsthand. Our programs are offered on EHL campuses in Switzerland and Singapore, and online, with four distinct program themes:

  • Hospitality Business & Innovation in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • International Hospitality & Luxury Brand Management, in Singapore
  • Culinary & Wellness Concepts, in Passugg-chur, Switzerland
  • Hospitality in a Digital World, 100% Online

If you want to extend the journey and combine programs, we have 2- and 3-week programs that stack weeks at different locations. The digital camp can be added to any other program.

Here’s what you can expect, no matter which program you choose.


Challenge yourself and gain new skills

Attending this summer program will look good on your university application and help you build useful skills and connections for your future.  

On the academic side, you take university-level courses focused on the business subjects that are most relevant for the future. At the same time, you get a feel for the hospitality attitudes of benevolence and caring for people. And you work in teams to develop soft skills that will serve you well at university…and for your life!

Discover a different type of learning environment

Our summer academy programs offer four very different educational environments.  You will enjoy hands-on learning, multicultural living, and interesting field trips with like-minded students from around the world. You will see how hospitality education immerses you in the world of hotels, restaurants, and other fun places. Many participants find these surroundings a refreshing change from traditional school settings.

Experience life abroad in a new country

Studying in a foreign country is an amazing experience, but you may want to try it out before you engage in a four-year commitment. Spending time on your future EHL campus is a great way to get acquainted with the campus environment, student culture and activities, and the regional sites and languages. The many recreational and sightseeing activities in these programs allow you to see what life at EHL is really like.

Develop social skills and make new friends

Our summer programs are delivered in small groups of students from all over the world. They create a cosmopolitan environment that is both very diverse and highly inclusive.  Even the shy students are able to speak out and form friendships with people of many backgrounds.  

Ready to take the next step?

Every year there are multiple sessions for our camps available at EHL Campus Lausanne, EHL Campus Passugg, EHL Campus (Singapore), and the EHL Digital Junior Academy. Which one interests you?


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