Luxury, leadership and lifelong connections

December 14, 2023 •

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Luxury, leadership, and lifelong connections: How EHL impacts students

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Meet Laurianne—a 27-year-old from the beautiful Swiss town of Fribourg, where the mix of French and German adds a charming rhythm to everyday life.

Her EHL journey has been quite the ride, driven by a love for the luxury industry. Her story is all about the power of education, chasing dreams and future leaders.

Get ready for a chat with her as she spills the beans on her bachelor life, shares insights, and shows us how EHL has shaped her both academically and personally.

Can you share a bit about yourself and what motivates your career aspirations?


I'm all about the luxury industry, especially watches, and I'm on a mission to build my career there.

Alongside my studies, I've consistently held diverse roles – from contributing to school departments to orchestrating seamless experiences as a Guest Coordinator for luxury events.

I am an active individual, I serve as both the class representative of my intake and as a Gold Student Ambassador, guiding potential future students through visits and interviews.

In recent years, I've established a wellness routine, engaging in fitness and Pilates about five times a week to support my busy daily life.

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What ignited your interest in EHL's International Hospitality Management?

I wanted to study Management, and honestly, EHL wasn't my first choice despite its excellent reputation. Coming from a typical Swiss family, I was expected to go to a local public university. But a friend studying at EHL changed my mind. He said, "Laurianne, this school is perfect for you!" So, I convinced my mother to visit EHL during an Open Day, and it was a magical experience.

EHL has this unique curriculum that blends management and hospitality, focusing on the human side of business. Whether it's finance, marketing, or any other field, I believe successful careers hinge on human interaction.

As far as I know, EHL is the only school that emphasizes this, through its program with practical internships and its core values.


Share your favorite classes with us

You know, there are finance classes at EHL, and I wasn't naturally good at those subjects. Surprisingly, thanks to EHL's teaching methods, I ended up having a blast with my statistics and financial analysis classes, and they turned out to be my best grades!

EHL gives us practical tools for everyday life, tools we'll use in our professional careers. No more endless formula sheets; we actually get to use Excel. How cool is that?

Now, if I have to choose a favorite course, the recently concluded "Luxury Retail Management" would be my pick. In the last semester, we can choose elective courses, so we get to focus on what we're most passionate about. The professor was the CEO of his own startup, and he was so inspiring! It's a genuine privilege for us to learn from industry leaders like those.


How has EHL's real-life learning impacted your growth and current Student Business Project?

During my time at EHL, the focus on real-world learning profoundly shaped my academic and personal growth. Through hands-on experiences in two different internships, I applied classroom knowledge to real-life situations.


The first internship in Lisbon exposed me to a new culture in the hospitality industry. The second, at Rolex in Geneva, provided insights into the world of watchmaking and luxury, confirming my career aspirations while expanding my skills and network.

Currently, I'm part of a team working on an exciting Student Business Project (SBP) for the Geneva-based company S by Salanitro. This practical experience allows us to apply concepts from EHL courses, such as market research and marketing, to real-world scenarios. Ultimately, EHL's hands-on approach empowers students to grasp the complexities of the business world, enhance problem-solving skills, and build confidence for professional challenges.

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What skills and knowledge have you gained at EHL?

At EHL, we gain not just intellectual skills but crucial behavioral lessons and values.

Team spirit: Throughout the program, group work is the norm. It's about collaborating, dividing tasks, aligning efforts, and working with diverse personalities. Personally, it was a challenge, as I used to prefer working alone. But as the African proverb goes, "Alone we go faster, together we go further."

I'd recommend the book "Surrounded by Idiots" by Thomas Erikson for understanding different personalities and improving communication in teamwork.

Creativity: EHL brings in top-notch teachers from the industry, encouraging us to think outside the box. It's not just about following instructions for good grades but making the extra effort to stand out. A valuable skill for our professional future.

Attention to detail: Right from day one, the importance of a good first impression is emphasized. Our school's values ambassador sets the tone, emphasizing that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This ethos extends to our attire, maintaining a strict dress code. Etiquette and savoir-être become crucial in any career, making a difference in how we are perceived. For instance, many banks actively seek out EHL students not just for their potential in finance but also for their interpersonal skills.


How has EHL's career center supported your post-graduation career planning?

The EHL career center is with us throughout school, especially the semester before our internship. They guide us closely, offering compulsory and requested meetings. They help with applications and interviews, striking a balance by giving us the autonomy needed.

Career Fairs are fantastic, bringing over 170 global companies to recruit EHL students. Major players like Accor, LVMH, and Cartier organize full-day events, making our school a hub of opportunities!

Highlight a standout EHL experience that influenced your post-graduation goals

Without a doubt, my BOSC 4 internship (end of the second year of the Bachelor's degree) was the highlight. Working for a company that fully appreciated what I learned at EHL was incredibly fulfilling. I was surrounded by inspiring colleagues who leveraged my strengths, reinforcing my knowledge. This professional environment aligned perfectly with my values, and I discovered a passion for the commercial side of the watchmaking industry. The support and appreciation from my colleagues confirmed my post-graduate goals.


Tell us more about the EHL community

At EHL, one of the company's core values is family. And it isn't just a cliché; it's a real sense of community. From day one on campus, you feel like you're part of a big family that continues to grow throughout the years. The variety of student activities, with over 30 committees covering everything from sports to social events, makes it easy to connect. The campus itself, designed by students for students, provides plenty of spaces to work, socialize, or grab a drink.


Moreover, the post-graduation alumni network is incredible, with around 25,000 EHLers spread across the continent. I even had a random encounter with an alumnus in Sweden who noticed my student card.

It's not just about contacts; it's about sharing values and being part of an amazing network.

How do you envision your career post-graduation with the skills gained from the Bachelor's in International Hospitality Management?

EHL has not only fulfilled my ambition but also made me more determined to pursue my goals.

Studying here is my greatest source of pride, and I'll carry forward the values and teachings with humility. Currently passionate about sales, I've been selected for an Executive Master in Marketing & Sales (EMMS) at SDA Bocconi University in collaboration with ESADE Business School, a program designed for working professionals.

My next step is finding a new challenge to apply my learning directly to the world of work, aiming to become a Market Manager in a watch company.


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