Why is Switzerland the best country to study culinary arts?

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Why is Switzerland the best country to study culinary arts?

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The culinary arts offer an exciting, invigorating career for those who enjoy the intersection of culture and taste, allowing them to create food that amazes and inspires. The culinary arts give people the chance to combine their creativity with classic traditions and inspiration.

As spending on dining out is expected to rise in all regions over the next ten years, earning a culinary arts degree presents graduates with excellent opportunities to thrive and succeed. The key is finding a school and a learning environment that will nurture your experience in the culinary arts, giving you the training and expertise you need to excel. The solution lies in Switzerland.

Finding a place to study the exciting world of gastronomy requires careful thought. You want to find a place that has a tradition of producing outstanding chefs and providing instruction in the rich culinary traditions of their own culture.

Many countries profess to educate great chefs, but the experience and schools offered in Switzerland set the country apart as an environment for the culinary arts. Those who want to find a great place to study should carefully consider the benefits of pursuing their degree here. With a rich history of culinary excellence, outstanding chefs, and a unique culture that students can enjoy and explore when they have time off from their studies, this Western European nation offers an excellent location for studying in this incredible field.

Here is what any interested students should know about the benefits offered by this mesmerizing country.

Switzerland’s geography and cuisine influences

Nestled between France, Germany, and Italy, Switzerland has a rich culinary tradition that brings together influences from all of these different cultures. Those who have the opportunity to study the culinary arts in this picturesque country will get the chance to learn styles and techniques while experiencing flavors from all of these different regions. Yet, at the same time, Switzerland has developed a rich style and taste combinations that are all its own.

In the Southern Swiss Alps, where you will find yourself near the Italian border, you can experience cooking masterpieces that reflect a clear Northern Italian influence. Savor the mouthwatering saffron risotto and learn to perfect your own.

Similarly, when you travel to the region of the country near the French border, you can experience food that incorporates some of the classic French influences. Learn to take some delectable Swiss cheeses and create classic fondue or raclette.

Over by the German border, you can order rösti at one of the many delicious dining options while you learn to master this classic Swiss dish to prepare in your own kitchen.

People coming to Switzerland quickly find themselves falling in love with the delectable and rich cheese along with the delightful chocolates and pastries that leave you with a smile on your face. In fact, globally recognized chocolate companies-- like Lindt chocolate-- call Switzerland home. In this country, these high-quality chocolate treats are widely loved and celebrated.

These famous treats also comprise only a small part of the incredible Swiss food tradition, which has long been championed by famous chefs that work around the world. Switzerland has perfected the art of using local flavors and foods and turning them into award-winning dishes.

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Famous Swiss chefs and the history of high-end cooking

Chefs who have studied in schools in Switzerland now work in kitchens around the globe, bringing their excellent training to palates in a variety of countries and destinations. Chefs like Sergio Schoener, Marchesi, and Irma Dütsch have all completed studies in Switzerland, bringing together their skills and training to earn incredible accolades within the field of the culinary arts. Those studying here can look to these giants within the field for inspiration as you study the same dishes and techniques that they did.

The outstanding chefs that remain in Switzerland account for the unmatched restaurants and eateries found throughout the country. In fact, Switzerland’s rate of Michelin-starred restaurants per capita is the highest in the world. When you study the culinary arts in this delightful country, you will not be far from inspiring cooking and incredible opportunities.

The chefs who come to this small nation appreciate the rich history of Swiss cooking. With a culture that grew out of farming and agriculture, Swiss cooking is famous for combining simpler ingredients in mouthwatering ways. Bringing together seasonings, cheeses, potatoes, and delectable vegetables, the chefs who train here then bring their skills to the kitchens where they end up working around the globe.

These famous chefs also appreciate the history that surrounds Swiss cooking. Switzerland has been right in the middle of ‘haute’ cuisine since its founding. With the principles of this high-class eating arising from Italy and spreading to France and the courts of Europe, Switzerland has been touched by it all. The cooking techniques used and taught here reflect the latest in this high-end form of cooking.

Today, the country still boasts of culinary landmarks. For example, the country claims to offer the oldest continuously-running vegetarian restaurant. This delightful eatery in Zurich began back in the 19th century and continues to serve delectable food today, making it an excellent stop for anyone studying the culinary arts in the country.

The incredible benefits of living in Switzerland

Those living in the stunning nation of Switzerland will get to experience a rich European culture. From a multilingual population that offers ample opportunities to learn new languages to cultural experiences in the form of music and art, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The natural wonders of the country also offer breathtaking beauty. The crystal-clear lakes, towering Alps, and magnificent countryside offer opportunities to relax or engage in the many popular sports, ranging from swimming to skiing.

Switzerland might be only a little over 41,000 square kilometers, but it offers over 1,500 lakes, including some of the largest in Western Europe. During breaks from your studies in the culinary arts, come and enjoy the picturesque Lake Geneva. You can swim boats, water ski and more, all with spectacular views of Mont Blanc. You can also enjoy the breathtaking Lake Zurich or Lake Thun, both of which will also offer an experience so magnificent it will feel like something out of a fairy tale.

If you prefer the winter sports, the country also offers a wealth of ski resorts, including some of the top-rated locations in the world. The towering mountains will inspire you and enthrall you.

In addition to the vacation hotspots, we would also be remiss not to mention the rich history found throughout the cities in Switzerland alongside the tradition and culture in countless quaint villages that dot the countryside. Words cannot express all that this country has to offer.

What makes Switzerland a wonderful place to study the culinary arts?

Those who come to Switzerland to study the culinary arts will find a rich, deep tradition that brings together different European cuisines while also offering a taste profile entirely its own. Learn the techniques made famous throughout Western Europe, including those that originate in Germany, Italy, and France, while also learning about the unique Swiss styles and tastes. The unmatched Swiss experience will allow students to learn about the cuisines of Switzerland and its many neighbors, thus developing your culinary skills to an entirely new level.

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When you step out of the kitchen, you will also be able to experience the wealth of the Swiss culture and landscape. Spend your time skiing in the Alps or boating on the water. Learn new languages and converse with the linguistically diverse Swiss people. Studying in Switzerland makes it easy for people to prepare for a career in hospitality and the culinary arts. Students finish their degrees feeling confident in a range of culinary tastes and styles and ready to make themselves at home in kitchens around the world.

Those who want to reach the pinnacles of gastronomy will want to carefully consider the benefits of pursuing their degrees immersed in the rich culinary traditions of Switzerland. Train with some of the best teachers in the field and master foods and cooking techniques for several countries in Western Europe. Explore the rich Swiss countryside and the history of cooking here that has brought chefs and talented chocolatiers to this country for generations. Study the culinary arts in the region where haute cooking began and taste the incredible influence that culture, tradition, and training can have on a degree in the culinary arts. The experience found here parallels none.

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