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What to expect during Junior Academy at EHL Campus Passugg

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Are you unsure whether hospitality is your dream? Do you want to experience how it feels like to study hospitality in a short period of time? Take a look at our summer and winter camp and get a glimpse of what to expect when learning Hospitality Management at EHL Passugg.

“People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

The hospitality industry is more than just serving guests or cooking usual food items. There are various segments in hospitality, namely, food and beverages, travel and tourism, lodging, and recreation. This unique summer and winter camp in Switzerland will surround you by the experience of the real industry.

EHL Junior Academy comprises of various activities to do throughout the week that will provide you with the fresh perspective in a fun and an interesting way. What you will experience during a unique week at EHL Campus Passugg:

Hotel Excursions

EHL Junior Academy students tour around the most exclusive Swiss hotels such as Badrutt’s Palace & Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. You get a privileged tour of the exclusive hotel rooms, fitness areas, spa centers and much more.

You, as a student, can ask our experts questions regarding the hotels and other tourism related sectors. A special lunch is served in the hotel itself so that you can treat your taste buds while enjoying the ambience of the hotel.


Badrutt's Palace


Various trends in gastronomy reach out to the public and touch everyone's hearts. Therefore, we hold at the EHL Junior Academy many workshops where you can cook and learn serving methods. Since this program is conducted both, in summer and winter, you get the opportunity to work with different and trendy food items that are seasonal at that time.

For example, there are so many designs that you could do with chocolate and coffee! Coffee tastings and chocolate workshops are part of this unique program. Various trends are highlighted that help you as a summer or winter camp student to understand what the market does need. It is very important to understand the core of hospitality trends because you flourish with them.

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Tourism Management

Did you say Europa-Park in Rust, Germany? Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany, and the second most popular theme park resort in Europe. Our students get to spend a whole day in the famous theme park and get a glimpse “behind the scenes” of Hotel Colosseum.

Europapark Rust

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities like the adventure room, bowling, a ride with the toboggan and much more fun activities are part of the EHL summer and winter camp. If you like to solve riddles and puzzles, the adventure room in the city of Chur provides an exciting way to fulfill your wishes. If you like to play games, then there are special gaming zones in Chur City West (Bowling, Bull Riding, Pool etc.).

Another cool activity would be going on the cable car, which is toboggan. It is the longest toboggan in the world ranging from one of the topmost mountains in Churwalden. It is a lifetime of an experience to be here.


There are variations in doing sport activities like climbing, swimming, hiking and more. The mountains that surround Passugg are the best ones for hiking or enjoying a long stroll. At EHL Campus Passugg, we have a fitness centre if you want to feel super charged up or burn some calories.

Dining Experience

By the end of the program, there will be a grand dining experience for our summer and winter camp students. The Gala Dinner or the Elysium dining experience is one of a kind and you are very lucky to be associated with it. You will get also rewarded with EHL Certificates and the best group project will win a prize.

Do not worry if you missed out on the dates, every year there are two camps available at EHL Campus Lausanne and EHL Campus Passugg which conduct the summer and winter camp in Switzerland.

Have you visited Switzerland in the winter? Join the program and get a glimpse of its breathtaking beauty too!

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