The 20 skills you should master before you turn 25

June 28, 2019 •

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The 20 skills you should master before you turn 25

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By the time you turn a quarter of a century old, you’ve achieved a variety of life experiences. Ensure you also master 20 practical, professional, life, and social skills that help you become a well-rounded and successful individual.

1. Create an elevator pitch resume.

Tell people who you are in less than 30 seconds.

2. Embrace white space.

Empty a shelf in your closet, resist the urge to chatter during conversation lulls and add pauses to your schedule.

3. Talk to anyone about anything.

Learn how to start conversations and keep them going. You can use this skill during job interviews, client meetings and social events.

4. Write letters the old-fashioned way.

Only 16 percent of teens write letters, but the National Literacy Trust reports that this skill can improve your chances of landing a job. Letter writing also allows you to connect personally with loved ones, colleagues and clients.

5. Say thank you.

Always remember to thank the people who help you.  

6. Buy a suit.

Look your best and feel confident in a high-quality, fitted suit.

7. Respect others.

All humans are valuable and deserve respect, so follow Jesse Jackson’s advice and “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up.”  

8. Perform minor home repairs.

Purchase a toolkit and learn how to swing a hammer, use a screwdriver and fix stuff around your home, apartment or office.

9. Be loyal.

Practice standing by a friend, colleague or retail store with no expectation of receiving the same loyalty in return.

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10. Repair wardrobe malfunctions.

Knowing how to attach a button, repair a hem and remove stains can prevent embarrassing situations and protect your professional image.

11. Learn to say no.

This one word is a complete sentence.

12. Be willing to work hard.

Every job, even the one you don’t like, deserves your best effort.

13. Master a game.

Connect with others and relax as you play gin, chess, dominoes, or basketball.

14. Appreciate music from all cultures.

Listen to a variety of music from around the world and appreciate the different nuances, instruments and techniques.

15. Administer basic first aid and CPR.

You could save a life thanks to your first aid and CPR knowledge.

16. Tell a joke.

With a well-timed joke or two, you can break the ice, diffuse tension and have fun.

17. Negotiate a better price.

From your hotel management salary to your phone bill, almost anything’s negotiable, so become a master negotiator.

18. Ask for help.

Humility will take you far in life and builds teamwork and unity.

19. Maintain your ride.

Know how to change your bike chain, check vehicle fluid levels and fix a tire as you maintain your transportation to work, school and social events.  

20. Shake hands.

With a steady and firm grip, make eye contact and a good impression as you shake hands.


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