Study abroad packing list for Singapore

April 22, 2021 •

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Study abroad packing list for Singapore

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It’s official – you’re coming to study in Singapore!

Studying abroad is such an exciting chapter in any student’s life, and we’re thrilled to welcome you onto our brand-new Singapore campus very soon! We know that preparing to study abroad can be both challenging and incredibly rewarding, so we’ve put together a handy list of what to pack for your new adventure on this tropical, metropolitan island.


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If you forget to pack something, you’ll definitely be able to find it at one of the 170+ malls on the island. Shopping isn’t only for necessity in Singapore – it’s an experience!

Want to study abroad? Discover why Singapore is the ideal Asia destination for your Hospitality Management studies.


What to wear in Singapore

As Singapore is located right on the equator, we’re blessed to have year-round warm and sunny weather (apart from the monsoon season in December – January). However, most indoor places have freezing cold air conditioning, which are usually controlled centrally. Here are your must-haves for staying comfortable in any situation:

EHL dress code

  • This goes without saying, of course! Our Singapore campus is fully air-conditioned and surrounded by lots of cool greenery, so you won’t have to worry about the heat in your blazers and suits.


 Light day-to-day clothing

  • Sundresses, flowy skirts, Bermuda shorts and light shirts are Singaporeans’ go-tos for daily activities.
  • When indoors, a cardigan or shawl will help you stay warm against the blasting air conditioning.
  • EHL Tip: Wear light materials such as linen and cotton to stay cool when you’re out and about.
  • EHL Tip: Stylish trainers are a staple for Singaporeans and they bring a casual-chic vibe to every outfit.

Outdoor clothing

  • Swimwear & sunglasses: For your weekend escapes to Sentosa’s relaxing beaches.
  • Comfortable trainers: Singapore may be small and convenient, but on the days that you decide to walk around the city or its parks, you’ll be thankful for wearing practical shoes.
  • Sportswear: For the health and sports enthusiasts! Pack your comfiest hiking shoes, hat and lightweight sportswear for your adventures in one of the nature reserves around the island. If being outdoors isn’t your cup of tea, Singapore has many unique indoor sports & wellness activities such as spin classes, aerial yoga and pole fitness. 


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Evening wear

  • For your nights out to Michelin-starred restaurants or classy rooftop bars around the city, make sure you have some outfits to match! The dress code for most places is Smart Casual.
  • Here are some appropriate outfits:
    • Cocktail dress with heels/flats
    • Blouse & skirt/trousers
    • Polo/button-down shirt with trousers
  • Monsoon season
  • Singapore’s “wintertime” brings the temperatures down to about 24 – 26 degrees Celsius, so ensure you pack a light bomber or denim jacket for the monsoon season.

What to pack for Singapore: Accessories & essentials

1. Tote bag

  • A light tote bag is the easiest to carry around all your daily essentials and adds to the casual-chic charm that Singaporeans embody.
  • Personally, we love our colorful yet minimalist EHL Tote bag! 


2. Reusable & washable face masks

  • Face masks that completely cover one’s nose and mouth are mandatory in all public areas of Singapore, so pack a few pieces to reuse daily.

3. Umbrella

  • The island is known for spontaneous thunderstorms or passing drizzles, so an umbrella will come in handy for these weather changes. 


4. Reusable water bottle, keep cup, Boba holder & straws

  • With the constant heat and humidity, you’ll often find yourself buying a coffee/boba or two, and the plastic waste that comes with these beverages can accumulate quite a bit. Save the unnecessary waste (and look stylish while doing so) by carrying your own reusable items!

5. Universal travel adapter

  • We’re dreaming of the days when we can finally travel again, and when they come, Singapore is the perfect gateway to the treasures of Southeast Asia. A universal travel adapter is handy to bring along for use in Singapore and around the region.

6. Weekend bag/foldable duffel

  • Speaking of travelling again, take a light weekend bag with you for quick weekend getaways on a Sentosa staycation or shopping spree in Bangkok!

7. Insect repellent

8. Credit/Debit card

9. Cash

  • Although most stores and attractions in Singapore accept all major credit & debit card payments, some hawker centres and some public bathrooms are still cash-only, so ensure you always have some Singapore dollars with you.

10. Portable charger

  • Singapore is quite mobile-friendly - you can pay with your mobile at most retail stores, there are handy applications for everything you need, and of course, you’ll definitely want to capture some memories of the new city. Make sure to take a charger to keep your mobile juiced up for your day!

And finally…

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the dining options here, from fragrant street food in neighbourhood hawker centres to Michelin-starred fine dining with a view of the iconic skyline; prepare your appetite to engage in Singaporeans’ favourite pastime – eating.

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