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Tips to fill Online Application Forms

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Do you make a lot of mistakes while filling out application forms? Follow these simple steps to avoid any further issues with applying to your most favorite university.

Plan your time

The first thing you must remember is that application forms might take more than just a couple of minutes to answer. You must be sure of the company or school that you are applying for. Many of these questions are too detailed to answer and you must set a time limit to fill these forms out. Read the instructions with patience. They could be analytical and time-consuming for a reason. These questions may be as good as your interview. Therefore, planning and preparation is key.

Be prepared with your documents

When answering questions or uploading files to submit on a form, do keep in mind the correct documents to upload. You must check if your documents have any stains or marks, spelling mistakes or even the size of your file. If the size is too small or big, it might never be uploaded. So, make sure you are well aware of these little things beforehand.

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Arrange the documents correctly

Sometimes, the name of the file might be wrong, or it may be in the wrong folder or something worse, you lose the document. To avoid these mishaps, you must make a copy of each document that you want to submit, and then make sure you scan your files and name it properly. Another tip would be to be very careful with the grammar and spellings with all your attached folders. You would not want to miss an application just because you couldn’t differentiate between “your” and “you’re”, right? Use a spellcheck function or let someone else read it before sending it out.

Practice before sending

How many times has it happened that you sent a document and realized you had to change something in it? To avoid this, you can make a photocopy of the original document from the internet, practice it on your computer and make any corrections if necessary. That way, you have had a practice of the document to send and it will lead to less or no mistakes while submitting the documents online. You must be accurate in sending your documents and that is why, you must keep checking your dates, or deadlines, spellings, contact details, grades etc.

Saving your work

This is, by far, the most common mistake we do in our everyday lives: Not save our work. Make 100% sure that you save everything not only on your PC, but also in an external USB stick. In case, a file is lost, you are secure because you would have a backup of it. That way, you do not lose anything.

Post-application form process

Be sure to check your email account regularly and make sure your email address is accurate; otherwise, you may not receive updates or important information from the Admissions/Recruitment Office. Make sure your email account will not block correspondence from the company’s website. Check your junk-mail filter level and make sure you always have enough space available in your inbox.

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