There are many lessons that we simply cannot learn until we face certain situations.

June 25, 2020 •

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Lessons from COVID-19: The perspective of an EHL student

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Everyday students from around the world are learning to adapt to these new changes, whether it is good or bad, there is always something to get out of this whole situation. From personal growth to helping your local charities, here are some very important lessons I have learned during COVID-19 as an EHL student.

Lesson 1: Being grateful for online classes

We all had to adapt very quickly to the situation. Although it wasn’t the most apparent routine, in the beginning, we are all grateful for continuing our classes in the comfort and safety of our own homes. Having only one semester left, I am glad that I will have the opportunity to graduate on time.

Did you know: More than 29 virtual conferences has been held for the EHL Student Body featuring the industry’s leaders and influencers, adding up to more than 1500 attendees to all organized conferences.


Lesson 2: Making the most out of this whole situation

Sometimes, being forced to stay at home, with nothing but your thoughts and a lot of time, we tend to explore more about ourselves and set specific goals that we would never have been able to do beforehand. In my case, I got to explore new recipes.

Did you know:Packed brown sugar makes everything better when baking and it is better for your health!


Lesson 3: Find new sources of motivations

Staying motivated has been one of our main challenges during this period. Without our peers, and school routine, staying motivated is a sport. It is very easy to spiral down during tough times, so we had to learn how to stay motivated and find new sources of motivation to stay healthy and happy.

Tip: To stay motivated you can try tosync up your schedule with important partners - your group, your family – being “at work” at the same time as your groupmates will facilitate cooperation, as will sharing meals with your housemates. Make sure to read the latest blog post for more tips on how to stay motivated!

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Lesson 4: Sharing is caring

Through tough times, we are all responsible for helping make our world a better place, from small things such as volunteering for your local charities or baking for your neighbors. Your kind actions will be the solution to a quick recovery and a better tomorrow.

Did you know: EHL partnered with the Alaya platform where volunteering activities are proposed to help connect us with not-for-profit projects. If you want to give back but your are not sure how or lack inspiration, you might want to have a look on MyEHL.


Lesson 5: To stay connected and learn to reconnect

Now more than ever makes you appreciate those around you and the ones that care for you. Being in an unsure period, I still do not know when would be the next time I get to see my parents, so I have learned to appreciate it every second I get to video chat with them. The travel bans only restrict you from seeing your loved ones physically, but never virtually. Thankfully, I have been sharing this whole experience with my sister; this was the perfect opportunity to catch up on lost time and reconnect after 3 years of being abroad.

Tip: Just because you can’t see someone in person, doesn’t mean you have to lose touch.


Lesson 6: Protect and preserve the earth; there is no Planet B

Although COVID19 might have helped us decrease our consumption, traveling, and pollution, it does not mean that we are allowed to go back to what we are used to when all of this is over. There is no such thing as going ”back to normal” but creating a “new normal.” As students of EHL, not only are we taught to become leaders of the industry but also to set an image for all future leaders. Being sustainable should always be a priority, and let’s make sure that we act accordingly, not just because of a pandemic.

Tip: Start considering which meetings are worth a travel and which ones could be done virtually.


Lesson 7: Be patient with Science

It is harder every day to stay patient when our BOSC6 students will have to wait for their Graduation or internships opportunities are limited to our AP2 & BOSC4 students or even travel plans with our friends and families have been canceled, but this is not the time to rush our Scientist and hard-working doctors. Every day, scientists worldwide are working day and night to find a cure and help us build a better and safer future. For the sake of all the hard-working nurses, doctors, and scientists, we just need to be patient and stay innovative to have the best possible outcome.

To watch: While staying home, many binged on TV shows and movies. Though the movie "Contagion" has seen a huge spike on download sites amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Netflix show "InsideBill's Brain: DecodingBill Gates" also offers interesting insights on how Bill & Melinda Gates have been trying to eradicate Polio from Africa.


Lesson 8: Staying Active

Staying active does not only include physical activities but mental as well. Making sure both our physical and mental states are healthy is crucial. From doing at-home workouts with your friends on Video Chat to daily mediation, thanks to an app, make sure you take care of yourself and treat yourself.

Fun: A dadhas come up with a creative solution to keeping his kids entertained and active while staying indoors—hosting the Olympic Games.


Like any other class at EHL, learning something new also comes with change and adapting. Although I can not promise that I will not get caught into the world once we are back to a more “normal” routine, I can guarantee you that I will try my best to incorporate these new skills and lessons into my daily life such as supporting my local charities, sharing with my neighbors and staying educated on how to help more in our world. This whole entire experience has definitely taught me so much, but enough is enough, let’s make sure we can come back to school soon and see our friends, because as much as I enjoy Facetiming my parents, I would love to give them a hug soon. So stay safe, stay open minded and hopefully see you all very soon.

Son-Trang Nguyen, EHL Bachelor Student

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EHL Bachelor Student