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What is the new Hedonic Week?

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The days of concept weeks and pop-up restaurants are over. The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg (SSTH) has ushered in a new era in its educational program for students with Hedonic Week. The students take over with the Romantik Hotel Alpina in Tschiertschen an existing hotel for 10 days on their own responsibility.

But that's not all, they also stage a unique and spectacular hotel experience. Why are we actually talking about a Hedonic Week? Clearly, "Hedonic" stands for pleasure and unique experiences, and guests can expect just that.

This is a dangerous invitation... Do you have the courage to follow it?

Step over the threshold of the hotel and travel with us back in time to 1973. Orange wallpaper, disco balls and bell-bottoms were omnipresent and taste is a well-known issue. We remember this time as a period of upheaval and change, both socially and politically.

And it is precisely in this age of uncertainty that you are entering our Hedonic Week. The world powers are shaking, the fragile balance can quickly become unstable. And you are right in the middle of the action. But that's all we're going to say at this point, WE can keep secrets at all costs...



What makes the event so unique

Affective Hospitality brought to life

Affective Hospitality is all about being a host, not just providing hospitality services, but staging unique experiences. The host of tomorrow acts as stage director and pulls out all the stops to emotionally move the guests and create new, unexpected moments.

Sounds complex? The best way to learn and experience this new type of hospitality is to use concrete practical examples. The Hedonic Week of the SSTH is one of these examples. The students receive professional acting lessons, are accompanied by a director in storytelling, are given culinary instruction by professionals and are instructed by the hotel directors in the operation of the hotel, so that they can stage and take responsibility for creating a new kind of hotel experience.

Testing a new payment method with Hedonic Value Payment

One of the most important elements in the hotel and gastronomy industry is pricing. We thought, why not be creative and try out new ways of doing one of the most important tasks in hospitality management?

For the first time, guests can evaluate live on site their experience including factors such as pleasure and emotion in monetary terms. With our newly developed and first-time applied payment model of Hedonic Value Payment, you “Pay what you want” for experiences! The revenue is donated to the Young Talent Foundation.

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Empowerment of young talents

During their hospitality management studies, students gain a deep and well-grounded insight into the hotel and gastronomy industry. They should understand all functions and processes of the hospitality industry and gain operational and management experience.

Thanks to this wealth of experience, the students are able to create the Mystery Experience and run the Romantik Hotel Alpina exclusively on their own for 10 days. To ensure that this is successful, we naturally provide them with experts who provide guidance during this process.

International groups

The mysterious hotel experience of Hedonic Week is jointly run by the German and English hotel management classes (HF). The 4th semester students from many different nations bring different points of view into the project and develop innovative ideas together.


Summon up all your courage and accept our invitation. You're a part of this, you know that?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and book your ticket today for a hotel experience of the mysterious kind. Find out for yourself whose guest you are. We promise you - you will be surprised!

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