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Why is it fun to take part in a holiday camp?

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Are you playing with the idea of building a professional future in hospitality? Would you like to work in the hotel or travel industry and experience different cultures? A hotel management education can take you there. Do you want to experience in a short period of time how it feels like to study hospitality? Take a look at our summer and winter camp and get a glimpse of what to expect when learning hotel management at EHL Campus Passugg.

Taking part in a holiday camp - whether in summer or winter - offers you many advantages and a lot of fun.

Fast immersion in hospitality education

Where else is there such an opportunity to experience first-hand on how a course of study feels in just one or two weeks? Get a crash course in our hotel management classes. These are exactly the classes that our students from all over the world attend

If you are looking for something adventurous yet educational, join the EHL Junior Academy Program to understand how you would fit in the hospitality sector.

Various trends in gastronomy reach out to the public and inspire people personally as well. Therefore, we hold at the EHL Junior Academy on Campus Passugg many workshops where you can cook and learn serving methods. Since this program is conducted both, in summer and winter, you get the opportunity to work with different and trendy food items that are seasonal during the course.

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Get to know the industry first hand

EHL Junior Academy students tour around the most exclusive Swiss hotels such as Badrutt’s Palace & Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. You get a privileged tour of the exclusive hotel rooms, fitness areas, spa centers and much more.

You can ask our hospitality experts questions regarding their business and other tourism related sectors.

Exciting and various leisure activities

Here in Switzerland your holidays will be fun! Did you say Europa-Park in Rust, Germany? Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany, and the second most popular theme park resort in Europe. Our students get to spend a whole day in the famous theme park and get a glimpse “behind the scenes” of Hotel Colosseum.

At EHL Campus Passugg in the mountains of Graubünden there are many cool outdoor activities and sports facilities waiting for you. Visit the adventure room, the in-house gym or go bowling with your new friends from the Junior Academy.

Meet young people your age from all over the world

Last but not least, this is a unique opportunity to meet in Switzerland young people from all over the world who share your passion for hotels, cuisine and travel. Make friends for life at EHL Campus Passugg during the summer camp!


Learn more about our summer and winter camps

At EHL we hold every year two holiday camps available at EHL Campus Lausanne and EHL Campus Passugg which conduct the summer and winter camp in Switzerland.

Have you visited Switzerland in the winter? Join the program and get a glimpse of its breathtaking beauty too!

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