Ready to take a stand? Start with an EHL social responsibility committee

June 30, 2018 •

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Ready to take a stand? Join an EHL social responsibility committee

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EHL students are passionate but they also feel a strong need to contribute to society. They have therefore organized themselves to be more than just an individual and impact the world on a greater scale. And here is how:

EHL Smile

EHL Smile is a non profit organization that was founded over 20 years ago by a group of students. It creates and supports hospitality vocational training centers for underprivileged youths in developing countries. It works with other NGOs and provides financial support as well as pedagogical support.

Since it's creation, EHL Smile has been involved in over 10 projects in countries such as Ethiopia, Madagascar, Bhutan, and Cambodia.

Events organized: gala dinners, auctions, sponsored runs, car washes, the meddinners to raise funds and help build, equip and run the vocational training centers.



Student Social Responsibility

The focus of the SSR committee lies entirely on improving social welfare. Our aim is to raise awareness amongst the society around us and to support people that are less fortunate than we are.

Students, staff  and faculty members and externals are encouraged to participate in our events and contribute their part to supporting a humanitarian cause. The money which is raised from the events is donated to associations the committee works with and is used to improve the lives of individuals in need all over the world. Additionally, we help out at “LaSoupePopulaire” in Lausanne every other Monday, an institution where everyone with less means is welcome and receives a free meal at night.

Events organized: Fundraising Dinner, Holi Festival, Sale of Cookies for Change, Orange Sale for Terre des Hommes.

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Students Helping Students

SHS aims to produce a conductive environment to promote academic learning, a well-rounded and integrated student life and to create a welcoming environment for all EHL students. We improve student relations by ensuring a peaceful affiliation in the student body, helping those with needed academic support and facilitating general integration of all campus activities.

Events organized: Review Sessions (academic support for students willing to improve their knowledge and be prepared for midterms and final exams) and Buddy Program (older students helping new students integrate the EHL environment and the EHL family).

There are over 30 committees, associations and student projects at EHL which together make up an important part of EHL Student Life. If you have not explored them yet, let’s get to know all committees and how they contribute to the vibrant life of the EHL community.