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All the places you can work with a hospitality degree

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Hospitality and tourism management jobs are predicted to grow from the current rate of 1 in 10 jobs, globally, to 1 in 9 jobs by 2027, for a total of 380 million positions. More than jobs in restaurants, travel companies, and hotels, hospitality and tourism positions cover eight in-demand sectors. If you study at EHL, take a quick look at some fields where you could find work.

Hotel Operations

Hotels will always be a major employer for hospitality professionals. Hotel operations roles put EHL grads in front offices, rooms division, food & beverage, or events, where grads can make sure the hotel is exceeding guest expectations through efficient, courteous service.

Hospitality Management

Back-end management through HR, finance, marketing, real estate, or public relations keeps the industry running smoothly.

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Skills gained in a hospitality and tourism degree position EHL grads to shine in the fast-paced, people-pleasing entertainment industry. From venue management, sales, and retail to VIP services orevent planning,there are many ways hospitality professionals can make their mark with events and entertainment. 


With an increasing rise of the luxury class worldwide, there is a corresponding rise in roles catering to the whims of the newly rich. Luxury positions in lifestyle services, private charters, or VIP events & services allow hospitality and tourism graduates to shine. The luxury travel market is projected to be worthover $1 billion by 2022.

Health & Wellness

Wellness is the new wealthy, with global consumers spending $3.7 trillion on products, classes, fresh-pressed juices, and more in 2015. Plum jobs in spas, fitness centers, retreat centers, retirement communities, and hospitalities abound.

Online & Technology

OTA’s, start-ups, and sharing economy attract tech-focused hospitality professionals to an array of online opportunities.

Other Roles

Consultancies, R&D, and project management roles give hospitality grads the chance to work on hotel openings or nightclub launches. These roles take grads all over the globe.

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