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Alumni Story: Simon Dankwa

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I love to be a brewer, restaurateur, logistician, marketing & sales as well as financial expert and business economist in one person.

A good hotelier-restaurateur does all the work for his company. However, he masters not to sink into operative tasks, so that he keeps track of the whole situation and can continue to drive the strategy forward.

After the SSTH I was allowed to complete a management trainee in the pre- and opening team of the Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel in Cape Town.

The highlight was the position as team leader in the Paulaner Brauhaus at the V&A Waterfront, where I was shown the brewing trade.

Back in Switzerland I was awarded the position of Junior Consultant at the SSTH. For 3 years I worked at national and international level and accompanied the opening of hotel and catering schools, gave F&B seminars, taught ED classes and was a teacher for 3 KV students.

Then I moved to Zurich, where I successfully opened the restaurant Mama Africa. I remained faithful to Zurich West and began working as Deputy Head of Gastronomy at the Maag Music Hall. There I opened and managed the Club Härterei and was responsible for major events and external musicals. During this time, I also completed an executive MBA. 

After 3 years I was overcome with wanderlust and decided to work for 1 year as F&B Manager in the most renowned 5 star hotel in Gambia. After almost one thousand state receptions I returned home. Instead of resting, I took on the position of operational manager for the reopening of Mrs. Geroldsgarten in Zurich. After a hot summer at Mrs. Geroldsgarten, I accepted a position as Project Manager Quality Management at LILY'S AG.

Another 3 years later I moved to Eastern Switzerland. As regional manager in Migros Ostschweiz, I accompanied seven fast food restaurants through the opening and managed them locally.

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Now I am back where I grew up. In the most beautiful canton of Switzerland, Aargau.

I appreciate the enormously broad range of responsibilities that the position as Managing Director of LägereBräu AG brings with it and the regained proximity to my family.

At LägereBreu we delight our guests every day with an honestly produced local product, constant innovative surprises and an authentic company.

I prefer to serve our cool LägereBräu IPA, best in our small beer garden on the monastery peninsula in Wettingen!

I see the promotion of regional and sustainable products as an important trend in gastronomy.

I get the best compensation to my business life when I'm

playing baseball with the Zürich Eighters, "being an uncle" with my nephews and my niece or in the Brügglifeld at an FC Aarau match. Maybe after a long time I will finally be able to travel to Ghana again and visit my family and friends.

My advice to all future restaurateurs and hoteliers is:

Enjoy the international atmosphere at the SSTH and stay loyal to yourself on your career path! Happiness does not depend on how much you earn or what position you hold in a company.

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