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Q : What is a Sommelier?

As the number of people interested in drinking wine continues to grow, so does the number of people wanting to learn about wine. Wishing to become an expert could lead to a career as a Sommelier, or for a few, the prestigious role of Master Sommelier.


Q : What is People Analytics?

People analytics uses technology to determine insights about potential employees by collecting and analyzing data about each candidate.


Q : What is Bistronomy?

Bistronomy is an exciting path to consider if you are interested in becoming a chef, owning or managing a restaurant, or providing excellent customer service in one.


Q : Alternative careers in F&B: what does a Research Chef do?

A research chef (also often referred to as a culinary scientist or an R&D chef) is someone who’s responsible for guiding recipe and food product development by testing and (re)formulating products, recipes and innovations.


Q : Alternative careers in F&B: what does a Chef Consultant do?

A chef consultant is a highly experienced culinary expert who is able to advise and leverage their foodservice expertise to observe, analyze and provide a range of solutions to restaurants and foodservice businesses.

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