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Discover Kanton Graubünden: Dreibündenstein

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In brief:

  • Where is the Dreibündenstein?

The Dreibündenstein is located at an altitude of 2'160 meters. It can be found on a plateau above Chur.

  • How do I get to there?

The Dreibündenstein can be reached from three different places. All three possibilities combine a ride with the cable car and a short hike.
From Chur: with the cable car to Brambrüesch, from Feldis: with the chair lift to Mutta and from Churwalden: with the cable car to Pradaschier. All hikes from the cable cars to Dreibündenstein take between 1.5 and 2 hours.

  • How long does the trip to the Dreibündenstein take?

Depending on where you start and on which side you walk up, the hike takes a little longer or less. In general, you should plan about half a day for the tour to the Dreibündenstein.


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From Feldis, from Churwalden or from Chur - this is how you reach the Dreibündenstein

"Many roads lead to... ...the Dreibündenstein" could not be more suitable. The ascent to the Dreibündenstein can be made from Mutta (Feldis), Pradaschier or Brambrüesch. All the hiking trails meet on the plateau. To get as much as possible to see, you should plan this trip as a round trip.

For example: you start in Chur, take the cable car to Brambrüesch and then hike via the Dreibündenstein and to Mutta. From there you take the chair lift to Feldis and another cable car to Rhäzüns, from where you can take the train back to Chur. You want a little more action? Then start for example in Feldis, take the chair lift to Mutta and walk via the Dreibündenstein to Pradaschier. From there you take the toboggan run to Churwalden!

Image: Graubünden Ferien


Impressive alpine panorama

On the round tour around the Dreibündenstein you have a 360° view of a breathtaking mountain panorama. The view reaches from Flims and Thusis to Landquart. The over 60 kilometers of hiking trails lead past small lakes and streams, trees and alpine meadows. The golden larches shine especially beautiful in autumn. You will be accompanied on your hike by birds, cows and sometimes even marmots. 


Tip: Snow is no obstacle! Also in winter a trip to the snowshoe arena Dreibündenstein is absolutely worthwhile.

The Dreibündenstein - a piece of history

The Dreibündenstein is a monument to the former border point of the Free State of the Three Federations. Until 1798, the borders of the "Gotteshausbund", "Grauer Bund" and "Zehgerichtebund" federations met at this point. Each side of the stone bears a coat of arms of these three Rhaetian confederations. At the same time, the Dreibündenstein commemorates the freedom fighters of Graubünden.

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