Summer Academy: Young people develop their passion for hospitality

May 20, 2016 •

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Summer Academy: Young people develop their passion for hospitality

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In an increasingly competitive world, high-school students are more and more demanded to do well at school, successfully pass their exams, integrate a prestigious university, prepare for a challenging career and perform.

Bright and conscientious students therefore strive to put all chances on their side and stand out from the numerous other candidates to a bright future.N

There are many ways of getting an early start: getting a summer job or internship, advance reading for future curriculum, language classes, travelling and experiencing new things or participate in a Summer Academy. Usually lasting a week or more, the later presents a multitude of benefits that goes way beyond the obvious.

Prepare for a university application

This is a great way to strengthen students’ university application with relevant achievements and demonstrating their enthusiasm for a subject. Not only will it look good on their university application but it will help them build on relevant skills and knowledge to write an interesting personal statement, with insightful comments and shine at their interview.

The teachers are so passionate, so determined and it is really a privilege to be in front of so much passion and to really learn from the best.
EHL Summer Academy Student

Study a subject not available in school

Not all schools offer introductory courses in all fields. By attending a specialized summer program, they will be able to pursue their interests and gain some experience in subjects they would not normally have access to. This is excellent preparation if they consider to pursue a degree in a subject they have not studied before.

To whomever is interested in hospitality, or for even for those that are not sure. It really offers you a proper incite in the industry.
EHL Summer Academy Student

Enjoy a unique educational environment

A summer academy offers a very special educational environment where students are with other people who are just as interested in learning as they are. Many find these surroundings a refreshing change from school life, and it is excellent preparation for university.

It was quite an interesting experience because although we separate ourselves in groups. During lunch break and so on, we all click, we all talk, and we all share the same interests, which is great.
EHL Summer Academy Student

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Experience studying abroad and discover a new country

Studying in a foreign country is an amazing experience, but before students decide to engage in a four years abroad project, spending time on the future campus is a great way to get acquainted with the environment, the culture, the language, and gain valuable life experience. The many planned recreational and sightseeing activities further add to the enjoyment.

The week has gone fantastic. We have met so many different people, from many different cultures, with many different personalities. It is a great mixing pot.
EHL Summer Academy Student

Develop social skills and make new friends

Summer programs are typically offered to small groups of students from all over the world. They therefore provide in a cosmopolitan environment in which even the more shy students are able to speak out and form friendships with people of many nationalities.

It thought me a lot about empathy and thinking about other people.
EHL Summer Academy Student

EHL Summer Academy

At EHL, those in attendance are proposed to jump feet first into the world of hospitality and live the EHL experience for one week. This next generation of students in hospitality management get the chance to discover industry trends, become a kitchen chef for a day, visit vineyards and meet hospitality professionals at their hotels. The week provides endless learning and team work opportunities, and is brought to an end with a gala dinner prepared by EHL’s chefs, some of whom hold the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.