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How to stand out as an intern?

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According to a study conducted by the Chronicle of Higher Ed, employers value internships and work experience almost four times more than grades. That’s why many of our programs include internships.

An internship provides you with professional and real-world experience, allows you to learn from mentors and boosts your resume. You may even land a job if you perform well during your internship.

Therefore, stand out and make a good impression during your internship when you implement several tips. 

Dress to Impress

First impressions are often made within seven seconds, and the way you dress factors into the impressions you make. Before your internship starts, verify the company’s dress code and follow it carefully. It’s also a good idea to pack a spare outfit in case of wardrobe malfunctions, coffee spills or other emergencies.

Be on Time

Punctuality shows that you take your job seriously, respect your co-workers and are prepared to work hard. Set alarms so you arrive at work or meetings 10 to 15 minutes early. Use your spare time to chat with co-workers, organize your desk for the day or pause and collect your thoughts.

Remain Positive

Maintain a positive, professional attitude at all times, even when you’re tired or encounter frustrating situations with co-workers or customers. Remember that your attitude reflects on your employer, and you won’t win a positive referral or a job offer if you constantly complain, frown or act miserable. Be positive, smile and help others feel happy as you stand out during your internship.

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Work Hard

Earn a reputation as an intern who prioritizes each assignment and is willing to work hard on any task. Whether you’re asked to make coffee, enter data, or replace light bulbs, your work helps the entire team function properly. As you show that you’re willing to work hard on any task, including menial or non-preferred jobs, you earn the right to participate in bigger and more fulfilling projects later.  

Ask Questions

You’ve worked hard in school, landed an internship where you can put your training into practice and will continue to learn on the job when you ask questions. Learn all you can about the company, your assignments and the industry. With curiosity, you show that you’re willing to learn, and you demonstrate an eagerness to advance, two factors employers appreciate.

Communicate Often

Good communication allows you to gain valuable insights, build a strong professional network and complete projects properly. Prioritize communication with your co-workers and supervisor as you ask questions, clarify expectations and build relationships. This skill demonstrates that you’re a team player who’s capable of communicating with confidence.

As Eva Chen, director of fashion for Instagram, suggests, “Study what you love and intern in what you want to do.” Your internship can help you learn, grow professionally and lead to future opportunities. Use these tips to impress your boss, gain valuable skills and stand out from the competition.

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