Top 5 skills to be successful as a restaurant manager

June 28, 2019 •

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Top 5 skills to be successful as a restaurant manager

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What is a restaurant manager?

Restaurant managers ensure that restaurants run smoothly and efficiently. They strive to provide guests with an attractive restaurant experience that meets the standards of the restaurant brand. Their efforts, which include effectively managing staff, are ultimately focused on ensuring the profitability of the restaurant.

A Restaurant Manager combines the following functions:

  • General Management
  • Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Staff management/HR
  • Supply chain/purchasing responsibility
  • Health and safety
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

This is especially true for employees of smaller businesses who are in frequent contact with customers and employees. Restaurant managers in larger businesses may be more likely to work in an office setting.

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What are the top 5 skills a restaurant manager needs to be successful?

We asked an alumnae of the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg. Jasmin Karlen graduated as Hôtelière-Restauratrice HF (today according to the new curriculum our Swiss Professional Degree called "Dipl. Hoteliere-Gastronomin/ Hotelier-Gastronom HF") and works as Restaurant Manager in the SV Group.

These are her top 5 skills for a restaurant manager:

  • You should be a host through and through and enjoy dealing with people
  • You should show the ability to balance quality on the plate with financial constraints
  • You need an eye for detail, the beauty and modernity
  • You should be a communication talent
  • Bring a professional, human and warm leadership personality to the table

Jasmin Karlen says about herself that she is a communication talent and enjoys working with people. In her opinion, strong presentation skills, leadership and a hospitality spirit are the most important skills to be successful in the job as a restaurant manager and in the hospitality industry. Shortly after her HF diploma, she was able to gain her first leadership experience as a team leader.

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What jobs are waiting for restaurant managers?

There are a variety of job opportunities for restaurant managers, from independent, local restaurants, cafes and bars to larger hotel restaurants, chains and hotel or resort groups. In all of these settings, restaurant managers must demonstrate leadership skills as well as work as part of a team.

In this regard, culinary knowledge is an advantage. Foodies who love dealing with food and beverage (F&B) can live out their passion as a restaurant manager, as this profession is the most popular job in the hospitality industry for foodies.

Training as a Restaurant Manager

If you see your professional future as a restaurant manager, an education at a hotel management school is also suitable, in addition to the usual gastronomic career paths. A hotel management degree offers the opportunity to look into many hospitality departments - even outside of gastronomy - and to gain initial practical experience.

Jasmin Karlen finds: "The same diversity that the departments offer can also be found in the diversity of the people and that is very exciting. And if that still doesn't convince you, I always like the idea that we always give our guests a treat with our products. Be that an overnight stay in a nice, clean room, a fine menu or other services."

In the last semester, the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg also offers the possibility of a specialization in Culinary Arts, learn more here.


You want to combine work experience with an education?

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