Best Singapore travel blogs by EHL study abroad students

January 07, 2020 •

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Best Singapore travel blogs by EHL study abroad students

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We have put together a list of the best travel blogs about Singapore in order to help you for your stay in this ever-growing city. Whether you are going there to study in our new campus, on internship, or simply during your summer break.

The Travel Intern: Fun and inspiring ideas for living in Singapore as a student

Why we like it

This blog is written by young content creators, during one of their 6-month travel internship programs. The content is well written and is also a treat for the eye thanks to their clear structure and the many pictures. You can find all the things you need for your stay in Singapore: from greetings to accommodation and pre-made itineraries.

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Discoverist: Local tips for your Study Abroad in Singapore to-do list

Why we like it

One of the pros of this blog is that team is based in Singapore. The blog is therefore full of local tips and original ways to enjoy Singapore and its surroundings. From foodie secrets to the perfect Instagram spots and sport activities, the content offers loads of different ideas to enjoy your experience abroad.

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The Occasional Traveller: Things you need to know when studying abroad in Singapore

Why we like it

The content is made by a Singaporean travel blogger, who combines his full time job with her passion for travelling. All the tips come from a true Singaporean, beating the stereotypical advice you can often see in travel guides. Not only will you get tips about what to do and where to go while in Singapore, you will also get clear examples on what you should not do during your stay.

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The Culture Trip: Everything you need from sightseeing to lifestyle

Why we like it

It has an App which will allow you to have all the information you need during your trip available at all times. Thanks to its well-designed and well-structured website, you can navigate from one section to another, to plan your trip in the easiest way. From music events to lifestyle and local tips, you are sure to make the most out of your stay.

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The blonde abroad: Perfect if you are planning your trip from scratch

Why we like it

You can get all the most practical information on the first page of the blog, allowing you to get an overview of the place you are going to. It also makes it easy for you to search for the best places to stay, to eat and things to do when you are in Singapore. Should you be thinking about planning other trip after staying in Singapore, you can also check out the best destination for the type of your trip you will make.

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