A day in the life of a Professional Path semester 1 student

May 06, 2021 •

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A day in the life of a Professional Path semester 1 student

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Wondering what your day will be like as an EHL Passugg student?

The Bachelor Professional Pathway offers a deeper immersion and broader overview of all the functions of the hospitality industry and more internship experience in the cozy, hotel-resort setting of the Passugg campus, finishing with a final semester on the Lausanne campus.

If you are passionate about culinary arts, communication and hotel management, and you wish to gain extensive work experience before graduation, then this pathway is the right one for you.

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The focus of the first semester of Bachelor Professional Pathway is the world of Food & Beverage. Follow one of our students for a sneak peek into their schedule.


A day in the life of a first semester student at the EHL Passugg campus

7.00 – Breakfast is served!

Grab a croissant and some fruit at the buffet

Time for class: Switzerland is all about chocolate, cheese, and watches. Being on time is an important part of Swiss life, so make sure you are in the classroom before your professor shuts the door!

Looks like a busy day, but don’t worry, there are plenty of breaks between the classes for you to grab a coffee or a snack or just stretch your legs.

07.40 to 9.20 – Cuisine theory

This class teaches you how to identify and differentiate various food products, including knowing their nutritional values. It also includes the structure and organization of a restaurant kitchen and the use and maintenance of common restaurant kitchen equipment. 

Tip: Learn the theory! You will need it during your practical classes.

The next class depends on if you are in kitchen or service practice. You will rotate through both during your first semester and be mixed with students from the German and English classes.

09.30 to 14.25 – Cuisine practice

Working as part of a kitchen brigade, you will learn basic preparation methods and kitchen procedures as you prepare daily luncheon and dinner items for service in the campus restaurants. Cuisine Practice includes hygiene and safety, recipe preparation and interpretation and use of kitchen equipment.


10.30 to 14.25 – F&B service 

You will develop and practice your service skills by working as staff members in the dining room (110 covers) and à la carte restaurants (30 covers), during lunch and dinner. Skills developed include those associated with the various recognized styles of restaurant service: Banquet, Buffet, Plate, à la carte (Silver) and Gueridon as well as Carving, Filleting, Flambé and the preparation and service of cocktails.

11.25 to 12.10 – Lunch break before your guests arrive!

14.35 – 16.15 – Beverage management

This class provides you with a thorough knowledge of different beverages: wines, spirits, beers, liqueurs, and non- alcoholic beverages. It focuses on the origin, raw product, and production methods of most common drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and the use of standard drink recipes.

Highlight: Tastings and ‘aroma tastings’ are an integral part of this course.

16.30 to 18.10 – Academic writing and research

This module includes writing, presenting and discussing academic papers. It is an introductory course that teaches you the basic principles of academic procedure, which you will then apply for the first time by completing a brief academic paper.

Highlight: First semester classes are not all about F&B, you will also start developing your research and writing skills!

18.30 – Dinner & free time

Whew, that was a big day! Now, it is time for dinner and relaxing. You can hang out with friends, go shopping in Chur or work out in the gym.

22.00 – Bed time

Better get some sleep to prepare for tomorrow. What will it be like? You will have to come and find out, but every day is different at EHL Passugg.

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