LVMH meets EHL: Young talent’s journey within the luxury industry

December 05, 2017 •

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LVMH meets EHL: Young talent’s journey within the luxury industry

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Heritage brands are striving to answer critical questions about the fast evolution of the luxury industry. In light of digital developments and a stronger emphasis on consumer’s self-expression, past sources of competitive advantage are being largely eroded.

LVMH and its ecosystem of 70 Maisons are looking for talents that can join their quest for excellence and deliver value for today’s, not yesterday’s needs.

Friday 13th of October, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne had the honor to welcome Mrs. Chantal Gaemperle, Group Executive Vice President Human Resources and Synergies, LVMH and Member of the LVMH Executive Committee. Accompanied by HR Executives from the different Maisons of LVMH, Mrs. Gaemperle delivered an Exclusive Masterclass about the opportunities and challenges enclosed in a career adventure within this legendary Group.

Remaining relevant in the market without losing your DNA

A growing demand from market-savvy Millennials is urgently calling businesses for serious action. Every brand needs to find new ways to celebrate consumers’ passions while staying true to their roots. How can we overcome the challenging outlook for retailers in the wake of increased internet-shopping? How can we reinvent the selling experience so people choose to come to the store?

According to Mrs. Gaemperle:
We have to reconcile the past with the present and future, this is why we like to say that at LVMH we are building the Future of Tradition.

Today, safeguarding a company’s time-honored beliefs and brands is as important as engaging with modernity. LVMH is acutely aware of this fact. Over 30 years of success through distinctively refined “art de vivre” have proved that tradition does not fear innovation. These two terms are only different sides of the same coin.

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Understanding the depth of luxury through unique craftsmanship

The most glamorous establishments have attracted an audience that seeks quality not only on the surface, but also in the stories that lie behind the aesthetics of design. Artisanal savoir-faire is the backbone to the most eye-watering products of the LVMH group and their ecosystem of 70 Maisons. There is beauty in the purpose of turning simple things into truly remarkable creations.

And, as we learnt from Mrs. Gaemperle:
The mission of luxury is to bring emotions in everyday life and to nurture desire. It sounds wonderful but it’s hard work!

This mission -achieved with ultra-precise attention to detail and to perfection- has created a cult around luxury that is sweeping the whole world.

Expert matchmaking to source the right personalities

Luxury is not about a label or a showoff. It is about creating a genuine relation, delivering an exceptional experience. It is crucial that people in the company can communicate the value of products beyond any superficial considerations.

In HR, our job is to find a match between someone’s personality and a brand’s DNA. stated Mrs. Gaemperle.
That is how you can create a team that conveys a real meaning.
Soft skills should never be secondary. Of course education and professional experience are important, but personalities even more.

LVMH knows that people are the essence of the company and make the difference every single day. The recruitment and management of talents has allowed them to develop a competitive edge and blister growth across the main luxury sectors: wines & spirits, fashion & leather goods, perfumes & cosmetics, watches & jewelry and selective retailing. The diversity of this ecosystem employs today 140,000 people who are the corner stone of their success.

Indeed, a collective sense of responsibility to prosper is palpable throughout their community. The beauty of luxury is, for LVMH, a restless pursuit.

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