The 12 most important career tips of our alumni

June 28, 2019 •

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The 12 most important career tips of our alumni

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The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) has its own Alumni Network, with over 5550 members. Our alumni have a great amount of expertise when it comes to career planning and the various opportunities available on the exciting job market of hospitality. Find here a selection of the most important career tips directly from our alumni.

Take it easy:

"Don't rush to the top. Enjoy the journey up there."

Ashish - self-employed with own catering company in Stockholm

"The education at SSTH provides the perfect background for a career in the hotel industry. Nevertheless, after graduation you are not a "completed" hotelier. The process takes years and experience comes with practice. Be open to learn something new every day.
Florian - Director of Food and Beverages in Davos

"After the SSTH is a step before your career! Take a few years - not a few months - to consolidate the professional foundation in a broad form and in various fields. Only then the career ladder will be stable for higher positions and responsibilities.
Oskar - Human Resources Manager in Interlaken

Fill your backpack with a lot of expert knowledge.

"Learn as much as you can and work wherever you get the chance, this will give you a lot of experience on your further career path."

Maria - Hotel Manager in Cyprus

"For the past six years, I've been very happy that we've learned all the lessons at SSTH. So, be sure to take as much knowledge as you can.
Kathrin - Managing Director in Appenzell

"Be open to straying off the path a little after school and follow your instincts."
Lina - Bartender in Zurich

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The big wide world is calling.

"Be ready for all possibilities and discover the world, because it stands at your feet.

For me, the SSTH was a family environment and we enjoyed learning together in groups and individually. Especially the projects like organizing the Recruitment Forum were a lot of fun and prepared me well for the real working life with a lot of project management."

Ramona - Managing Director in Domat/Ems

"Take advantage of the opportunity and do the internships abroad. For me, this meant that I found myself in a new environment - privately and professionally. This in turn strengthened my network immensely."
Robin - Sales Manager in Dubai

Networking is everything.

"Hospitality is an integral part of every industry. It is about how we treat our guests, customers, colleagues, partners or investors, every success depends on it. The SSTH offers an excellent basis for living together with other people from different cultures, for thinking along with others and achieving important goals together. Use this time, it will shape you".
Maksim - Front of House Manager in Basel

"Make as many contacts as possible and try to spend time with everyone at the school. Exchange with other nationalities and learn to understand their customs and mentalities. This is gold!"
Gianluca - Director of Sales in London


Never give up is the motto.

"Believe in success, don't be afraid of failure."

Samuel - Managing Director in Zurich

"Enjoy the international atmosphere at the SSTH and stay true to yourself on your career path! Happiness does not depend on how much you earn or what position you hold in a company."
Simon - Managing Director in Wettingen

Be inspired by our alumni and write your own unique story!