What to highlight during your job interview?

December 04, 2015 •

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What to highlight during your job interview?

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Any recruiter will want to hear what makes you the best candidate for the position, so be prepared to explain in detail how your past experience can help you achieve the requirements of the position.

According to EHL’s internship and career office manager, Eric Molle, To ace an interview it is essential to recognize your personal assets and highlight then in order to set you aside from others and place you at an advantage in the job selection process.

Demonstrate with specific examples that paint a picture. If your work history isn't very long, draw on extra-curricular or school activities that helped you developed particular skills required for the position.

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Where you do not have a specific skill that is desired, highlight your open-mindedness and the fact that you are willing to learn on the job. Never make up an experience or quality if you do not have it. Stay humble and do not appear to believe you are the best, even if you have a naturally confident personality.

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