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Fascinating hospitality management career paths of students

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Choosing the right course of study is often difficult. You don't make this decision according to how the education will affect the next three years of your life, but rather the next 30 years.

Not only the theoretical knowledge you acquire during your studies, but above all the experience you gain in practice and on an international campus have a major influence on your career entry and your future development. Sometimes, internships in different companies and industries or jobs abroad help to find out which activity your heart beats for. Not everyone remains loyal to the hospitality industry, because the skills and soft skills learned at an international hotel management school are in demand across all industries.

In the following, we show the different hospitality management career paths of 5 former hospitality students of the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg (EHL SSTH) to demonstrate the versatility of this education.

ivan breiter Direktor Südostasien bei Schweiz Tourismus, Singapur

Director South East Asia at Switzerland Tourism, Singapore

Ivan Breiter calls the EHL SSTH a springboard into the big, wide world. In particular, the togetherness in everyday school life and the opportunity to come into contact with different cultures on the EHL Campus Passugg and to learn to approach each other have helped him in his successful career abroad and in making new social contacts.

It takes some courage to live and work on another continent for an indefinite period of time. But Ivan gladly accepted the chance to work for Switzerland Tourism, first in North America and then in Singapore. The changeover was not always easy, because living and working abroad does not always meet expectations. But it is precisely this challenge that provides him with the attraction and the opportunity to learn more about himself and others: "The once big, wide world has now become mine. I can only encourage EHL SSTH graduates to take the step abroad after graduation".

maria Constantinidou hotel stephanos zypern

Director of the Stephanos Hotel, Cyprus

In today's stressful and digitalized world, Maria Constantinidou notes that people are once again looking for more personal relationships. Meeting locals during the holidays and perhaps even making friends is just one example of this new yearning. She sees the most important trend in the hotel industry as small hotels with personal hospitality.

This is why she decided to run such a hotel. The Stephanos Hotel in Polis Cyprus meets exactly this trend, small but internationally known with many regular customers. As director Maria attaches great importance to traditional Cypriot hospitality as well as personal service and care. The guest should immediately feel like a Cypriot!

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Managing Director of LägereBräu AG Brewery, Switzerland

Simon Dankwa loves to be a brewer, restaurateur, logistician, marketing & sales specialist as well as financial expert and business economist in one person. He sees it as part of the DNA of a hospitality student to be involved in everything. But his greatest strength lies in not getting lost in operative work, but in always keeping an overview of the overall processes and driving the strategy forward.

After his studies at the EHL SSTH, he travelled a lot and held numerous positions. As management trainee in the pre- and opening team of the Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel in Cape Town, as team leader in the Paulaner Brauhaus at the V&A Waterfront, as junior consultant for the opening of hotel and gastronomy schools or as F&B manager in the most renowned 5 star hotel in Gambia. Back home in Switzerland, his career path led him through further positions and finally, as Managing Director of LägereBräu, back to his family.

He particularly appreciates the wide range of tasks and the opportunity to promote regional and sustainable products and to implement innovations. His advice to all future restaurateurs and hoteliers: "Enjoy the international atmosphere at the EHL SSTH and stay true to yourself along your career path!»

teven yan-1

F&B Director at The Westin Qingdao West Coast Hotel of the Marriott Group, China

Teven Yan decided to study hospitality management because he saw great career potential in this industry. Teven gained his first professional experience in human resources management. He is still happy today to have built up sound knowledge in this area, because he can still draw on this central professional competence today as F&B Director. "When you start your career, you often don't know in which direction your career is heading and you may not yet be starting with your dream job. But every experience gained strengthens your self-confidence and creates new skills to get closer to the right job".

The move to the F&B department of the Marriott Group was an inspiring challenge. The gastronomic business was in a crisis, but today, under the leadership of Teven, it is running well and he now manages a team of 40 people. Looking back, he considers his time at the EHL SSTH to be central to his career: "The many basic technical skills I learned at the EHL SSTH still help me to prove myself in my profession today. I wouldn't want to have done without the practical courses, such as service and kitchen, as these have given me a better understanding of how to work in the international market. The trainings of etiquette and management are still very important for me. The mastery of languages, cultures and management will be the skills of the future to achieve good management positions".

Entrepreneur and partner of an anti-aging business, Hong Kong

The activity as an independent businesswoman enables Wong Wah Po (Geran) to lead a healthy, young and energetic lifestyle by constantly developing herself personally, as well as continuously improving her communication, expressiveness and leadership qualities. Wong Wah Po is a partner in NU SKIN, an anti-aging business listed on the New York Stock Exchange. She produces high-quality, scientifically based body and skin care products without aggressive or harmful fillers. She has worked hard to help people live better, healthier and younger lives.

On her career path, the life experience she gained in two years of theory semesters and one year of practical training has helped her a lot. The hospitality studies in Switzerland not only gave her unforgettable memories, but also strengthened her self-confidence to take advantage of career opportunities. Young people around the world change jobs more and more frequently in the course of their lives. With a wide range of skills and experience as well as a supportive network, changing jobs is becoming much easier.


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