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EHL Passugg Campus: Five restaurants under one roof

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At the SSTH Hotel Management School in Passugg, over 250 lunches are prepared daily, prepared in three kitchens and served in five in-house restaurants.

These food & beverage outlets are used to help our students gain practical work experience cooking for and serving customers: SSTH students, staff and lecturers. Students face real life situations and can learn under the guidance of their teachers.

A 5 senses experience

Great importance is attached to the presentation of the food in all restaurants. As a hotel management school, SSTH not only trains the hoteliers and restaurateurs of tomorrow, but is also a role model and source of inspiration for them. Eating should not only serve the food intake, but also be a sensory experience combined with positive emotions. In the interior design of the restaurants, care was taken to ensure that colours, lighting and furniture are coordinated and provide an ambience in which one feels comfortable.

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Each of the 5 food & beverage outlets on the SSTH campus offer a unique, affordable dining and quality service experience:

1. Umami

This outlet serves asian specialities such as sushi, noodle soups, etc. It is the lastest addition to the SSTH campus experience. It's open kitchen allows customers to have a direct view in the making of their meal.

2. Da Fortunat", formerly Paulaner's

This outlet specialises in regional dishes. In fact all the ingredients used in the menu come from the regions of Graubünden, Ticino and Uri. It is a must for students to discover the traditional Swiss cuisine.

3. Campigiana

This is the bistro and bar situated at the heart of the school. Students and lecturers meet in its casual setting for coffee. Burgers and club sandwiches are served at lunchtime.

4. The Essence

This classic restaurant proposes a freshly prepared 3-course menu in table service setting with white table linen. A little more time is necessary to enjoy the full experience. Wine can be served upon request.

5. The Market

At the self-service restaurant of SSTH, service is fast. Students and employees can choose for themselves on a buffet compose of starters, main course and dessert. Some dishes are prepared directly in front of the guest.

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