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6 fields of work in the hospitality and tourism sector

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While many EHL graduates do go on to work for hotels or tour companies, there are many fields that welcome hospitality management professionals.

Here are six common sectors where our students find success after graduation.


From established hotels and resorts to vacation rentals and even campgrounds, accommodations need management professionals. In 2016, the hotel industry was worth some$550 billion, with major hotel chains InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton Worldwide, and Marriott International responsible for much of the revenue.


The travel industry scoops up many hospitality management professionals. Top employers here include cruise ships, private jets, charters, and airlines. Some 250,000 individuals work on cruise ships, with Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnival, and Norwegian having the most jobs.

Food & Beverage

Foodie graduates tend to settle down in food and beverage establishments. Catering and nightclub jobs combine hospitality with events management, restaurants provide a wide range of working experiences around the globe, and newer fads like food trucks offer unique work experiences.

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Tourism jobs include destination management, tour packages, and excursions. Last year, tourism sector growth outpaced global economic growth for the 6th straight year. If you're seeking a steady career that could take you anywhere around the globe, consider joining the ranks of EHL grads working in tourism.


From festivals to fashion shows, concerts to conferences, events jobs need creative problem-solvers -- skills that hospitality graduates learn in education and internship. If you're the type of person who thrives in chaos, you might love the bustle of working in events.

Sports & Recreation

Sports fans can combine their love of the game with their events and people skills with jobs in sports and recreation. From big international competitions (like the World Cup) to private sports clubs, recreation rentals, and sporting retail, there are many opportunities for sports fans to find their fit.

To learn more about what to expect in a hospitality education, chat today with real EHL students about their experience.

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