Hospitality Management Careers: 6 Hospitality Jobs for Entertainers

July 19, 2020 •

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Hospitality Management Careers: 6 Hospitality Jobs for Entertainers

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If you have a passion for entertainment, the hospitality industry has many exceptional roles that will suit your lifestyle. You can oversee all the entertainment offered at hotels, for example, or plan huge events to delight the masses. Or you can ensure gaming centers and other venues offer everything people want out of their days. In all those roles, your efforts will help keep everyone having a great time on their vacations and beyond, breathing life into their days and nights. Here’s a closer look at all your options.

1. Entertainment Concierge

As an entertainment concierge, you will provide recommendations and support to those looking for fun and adventure. You can work at hotels, resorts, and private companies, anywhere with a focus on enriching people’s everyday lives.

As your clients email, call, or stop by, you will use their preferences to suggest curated experiences designed to delight. Then, you may help them make reservations, buy tickets, and otherwise secure their spot at the preferred activities.

To fulfill your job duties, you will need to have a solid grasp on written and verbal communication. Active listening skills will come in handy as well in allowing you to gather info about their preferences, budget, and other needs. The ability to use the computer and phone to interface with both entertainment companies and clients is also quite important.

2. Event Planner

When you become an event planner, you will end up in charge of bringing everyone together time and time again. Your tasks will center around planning every aspect of events, large and small, to ensure people have an awesome time. As a part of your job duties, you will choose the right venue, bring in caterers and entertainment, and work with many other vendors along the way.

In order to make and enact a plan, you will need to work closely with the people who are trying to host the events. You will need to use active listening skills to dive deep into their preferences, so you can bring their vision to life. Then, you must use those skills to interact with venue owners and vendors, ensuring they can offer just what your clients need.

A strong ability to negotiate will also serve you well in this role. You may need to get vendors to work within your clients’ budget and provide the right level of service. You will also benefit from having great organization skills, critical thinking abilities, and a love for talking with people.

3. Casino Host

The casino host career path can land you as the head of entertainment at popular gaming centers of all kinds. While working within the rules of the casino, you will ensure guests have a delightful time enjoying all the games offered there.

You will greet customers as they walk in the door and follow their journey through the gaming floor as needed to elevate their experience. Your participation in planning and hosting special events helps patrons have the best time possible with every visit.

Casinos employ huge teams to serve all their patrons, so the ability to work well with others is a must. Your customer service skills must also be impeccable, as should your multitasking abilities. You will need to juggle many tasks at a time to ensure everyone enjoys their visit to the casino.

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4. Tour Guide

If you want to flex your knowledge while keeping people well entertained, then the tour guide career path has your name on it. As a tour guide, your job duties will revolve around leading small groups of people through a venue or other area while giving them tons of great information. You will likely work for hotels, cruise lines, and other entertainment companies that serve tourists.

Although many of these experts follow a script, it is important that you make it all your own as time goes on. That way, you can create memorable experiences for all your guests, especially as many come through time and time again.

To excel, you must have strong storytelling skills and think quickly on your feet. You may need to answer questions and improvise to fill time to ensure everyone has an awesome tour experience. It is also important to have a keen sense of direction, ability to follow directions, and a strong memory.

5. Activities Instructor

If you step into the role of an activities' instructor, you can make a direct impact on your guests by helping them learn new skills while having a lot of fun. You may find jobs at resorts, fitness centers, and private companies, depending on the activities you will oversee. You might meet with your group indoors at the pool or even venture into the great outdoors.

Indoor activities you might oversee include craft projects, exercises, and games. Outdoor adventures might center around climbing, snowboarding, and canoeing. To act as a lead for your group, you must already be proficient in the activity in question. Your job may offer training, though many want to bring in those with an established skill set.

You will also need strong customer service skills, the ability to work well with others, and effortlessly manage your time. People will look to you for instruction, so it is important that you lead well and have a confident demeanor. You should have plenty of patience and great communication abilities that allow you to teach people to complete new tasks with ease.

6. Director of Entertainment

As the director of entertainment, you will line up shows and other events for patrons at resorts, hotels, and more. Your focus will solely land on keeping guests entertained each day by presenting them with many fun options to consider. You may work on your own or as a team to accomplish this goal, depending on the size of the venue.

In order to juggle all the responsibilities in this role, you must have strong multitasking skills plus incredible time management abilities. You will need to collaborate with musicians, magicians, and everyone in between to coordinate schedules and fill the calendar with fun events. You may need to make changes on the fly, requiring you to employ critical thinking skills to resolve pressing issues.

Upon filling the calendar, your job duties will extend to ensuring the shows go off without a hitch. You will often hit the event floor to ensure your entertainers have what they need to delight the crowds. After the shows, you may interface with your guests to collect feedback, so you can make optimal changes in the future.

As you browse through these options, you are sure to find a way to apply your passion for entertainment to the hospitality world. From there, you can build a rewarding hospitality management career that allows you to keep people having fun and going on adventures through the years. Get started today by weighing all your options, so you can move forward in providing the world with the entertainment they seek.

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