The fashion world conquers hotels by designing staff uniforms

July 08, 2016 •

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The fashion world conquers hotels by designing staff uniforms

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Luxury hotels have always been a territory of covetousness for the fashion industry. With new partnerships being created between leading hotels and influent designers, the subtle connection between these intertwined worlds has made the hotel lobby become one of the trendiest spots.

From guest relations agents dressed in perfectly shaped yet refined dresses to doormen proudly displaying their sleek vintage tweed suits, at first glance, some of the world’s top hotel lobbies bear a striking resemblance to fashion runways. Here is an insight into these elitist hotels that totally master the “dress to impress” effect and have nothing to envy New York’s fashion week.

Revisiting the staff uniform has been one of the latest fashion trends. Inspired by Chanel’s iconic artistic director Karl Lagerfeld, the brand’s fashion show gave a whole new glamorous touch to the travel industry by revisiting the airport staff wardrobe. This sophistication has been a swift success amongst the hospitality industry and luxury hotels promptly joined the movement.

Indeed fashion offers yet another opportunity for hotels to express their difference, create a special atmosphere, communicate their values and enhance their customers’ experience.

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Let’s explore some stylish examples:


The Park Hyatt in New York has been seduced by the minimalistic concept that brought a whole new dimension to their “attention to details” philosophy. The hotel developed a partnership with one of the most influent fashion designer, Narciso Rodriguez. The top designer, who is the First Lady Michelle Obama’s favorite designer, conceived minimalistic dresses that enhanced femininity and elegance.



The Rosewood in London breathes tradition and culture heritage at the heart of its uniform inspiration. Nicholas Oakwell used vintage materials such as tartan, tweed and wool, recalling the emblematic British textiles which made the hotel staff seem like the countryside aristocracy cliché of the 19th century.


In Barcelona, the Hotel Arts has brought the Ritz Carlton legendary guest experience to a new level by partnering with the local designer Cortana. The bellboys wear fluid fashion forward blazers while the concierge ladies wear stylish jacket with a volatile train. The particularity of Cortana’s creations fascinates the guests contributing to the “Arts Scenography” experience promised by the hotel.


The staff outfit of the Shangri La Toronto reflected Sunny Fong’s savoir-faire. On the occasion of the property’s first anniversary, Fong redesigned the uniforms following the Shangri La’s Asian influences. The embroidered sleek dresses reflect the art works displayed in the lobby and rekindle the flame of the hotel’s Aisan traditions.


Last but not least, the Sofitel So has chosen amongst the brightest and most recognized designers. The Sofitel So Singapore has enjoyed the exclusive Karl Lagerfeld expertise. Layered in chic attires, the staff uniforms depict the singular creativity of the designer as well as the blazing refinement of the hotel scenery providing its unique cachet. In the Sofitel So Bangkok, the notorious French designer Christian Lacroix has been selected to add a colorful and vibrant taste to the lobby ambiance. Lacroix has chosen to dress the employees in exquisite patterns lavishing an introspective interpretation of the Thai culture.

Fashion has made a glorious entry into the hotel world by reinventing staff uniforms. But famous designers and luxury brands are not ready to stop there. Their collaboration goes from influencing the decoration and furniture to imagining and opening their own Hotel concepts.

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Photo credit: mentioned hotels and designers.