Interested in event organization? EHL student committees can be your stepping stone

April 21, 2018 •

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Interested in event organization? Join an EHL committee

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Organizing events for the student body is their mission and they do it well.

Discover EHL's event organization committees and associations:

Fête Finale

Founded in 1987, FF is one of the biggest associations within EHL. It is composed of 55 highly dedicated and motivated students organizing various extra-curricular events throughout the semester, in order to raise enough money for the final event called Fête Finale. Our mission is to organize the best and most unforgettable events as well as creating ever lasting memories. Our main event is the Fête Finale celebration, the graduation party welcoming over 1500 students, parents and partners.

Events organized: Kinky Monday at Buzz, Nights out in clubs/bars, FF show. 

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Fête Universelle

Fête universelle is a traditional annual event to celebrate the cultural diversity of EHL.

Events organized: Fête Uni Show, Cultural day with stands from over 30 countries.

We hope you are well prepared to party internationally with food, drinks and shows represented by students coming from more than 40 different countries.



There are over 30 committees, associations and student projects at EHL which together make up an important part of EHL Student Life. If you have not explored them yet, let’s get to know all committees and how they contribute to the vibrant life of the EHL community.

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