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EHL sustainability week 2020: A virtual edition

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In early October, EHL held its 2020 Sustainability Week, which had been postponed due to the Coronavirus lockdown in March. The events held throughout the week were organized in collaboration with a cross-functional project team (volunteer staff members & students) and were available both online and offline in order to allow student and staff to participate no matter their location, and on our three campuses: Passugg, Singapore and Lausanne. Indeed, both Singapore and Passugg organized online panels, respectively on Sustainability in Tourism and The Zero Waste Philosophy.

The SSR Committee (Students Social Responsibility) was particularly involved in the organization of this week. They worked tirelessly in raising awareness for this week, spoke about EHL’s CSR report, distributed our SopaCycle flyers and sold reusable coffee/tea mugs, of which the profits will go to EHL’s Scholarship Foundation.

The Student Council organized a recurring podcast throughout the week to address different issues related to Sustainability such as Leadership or Politics. These podcasts received quite some attention as they were published on IGTV, where they can be replayed if you’ve missed them!


Different committees organized conferences and panels during the week: SIHMUN welcomed Daniel Nazarov who gave a very insightful introduction to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the Football Committee gathered two speakers from Sports Organizations to speak about Sustainability in Sports, KIC offered a peak of how to get into Impact Investing, JEHL a Hackathon on Building a Sustainable Hotel Concept, and LikeEat, the only event on campus, welcomed Instragram-famous Chef Tosca for a vegan cheese tasting and cooking workshop, which booked out in a couple of hours only!


The F&B offer across the Lausanne Campus was also focused on Sustainability, with local and seasonal products offered. The Concept was for the first time without meat, honoring carrots and declining them differently in the Stater, Main and Dessert. The Bistro received some of their local producers to speak about their philosophy and work ethic.


We are very happy that so many students, staff, but also alumni and industry professionals participated.

If you’ve missed a session watch it on replay here.

A warm thank to all students and staff who worked hard to make this week possible. Beyond its success, this first Sustainability Week enabled us to set the stage for the future. Indeed, sustainability is a big topic for EHL Group and we aim for the Sustainability Week to become one of the main events every year.

Please reach out to us at if you have any ideas or comments you’d like to share!

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